A response on behalf of Dr. Randy Pennington to the email by NKU interim President Gerald St. Amand

On behalf of Dr. Randy Pennnigton, his attorney N. Jeffrey Blankenship offers this response to an email sent to the NKU community by interim NKU President Gerald St. Amand which was published yesterday in the NKyTribune:

Dr. Randy Pennington was a full tenured professor at NKU where he had been teaching for 23 years. During that 23 year period of time, Dr. Pennington encouraged and coached hundreds of music students, assisting in the development of their education and their careers.

Despite 23 years of lauded and exemplary performance, only recently were any complaints made for incidents which, even if true, would only show an innocent course of conduct.

There was absolutely no overtly improper sexual conduct in violation of any NKU policy. To that end, Dr. Pennington continues to deny any violation of any NKU policy.

However, NKU is attempting to ameliorate the detrimental backlash of another recent case, where the school made a finding of a violation of NKU policy, and yet still made the offender the highest paid professor in that college.

We believe, therefore, that NKU is proceeding in a self-serving manner intended only to protect its self-interest and improve its public image.

In the last several years, Dr. Pennington has won two battles with cancer which have left him too physically and emotionally fatigued to wage the war for his reputation that he would have otherwise chosen to fight.

As a result, he voluntarily chose to resign from his position and waive his right to a due process hearing as to the allegations, for which he continues to assert his innocence.

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