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Beyond the Curb: Enjoy the friendly, relaxed vibe of Ludlow, a community of creatives, beautiful homes

By Jill Morenz
The Catalytic Fund

The 2018 Beyond the Curb tour is the biggest one yet, featuring 5 properties in each of the 5 urban river cities of Northern Kentucky: Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue and Dayton. The one-day, self-guided tour will be on Sun. Sept. 30 from 9-5.

Tickets are available at www.BeyondtheCurb.org.

The properties showcased in Ludlow are great examples of interior design and river city living.

In Ludlow, they say things are “chill.” The friendly, relaxed vibe is attracting a growing community of creatives. Ludlow’s neighborhoods, parks and schools also make it a great place for families who still want easy access to big city amenities.

223 Elm St.

The unexpectedly stylish interior of this home will delight you. It is accessorized with exotic collectibles and fun details, including the foreign coins that fill holes in the 150-year-old wood floors. History blends beautifully with the contemporary and even with the “glam”, which you will see in the powder room and prep kitchen.

232 Elm St.

Being brought back to life by the Ludlow Historic Society, this 133-year-old row house had been suffering from an ugly front addition. Now freed of that eyesore, the exterior will have trim and detailing to blend with its neighbors. The interior is also completely reworked to include a living room, eat-in kitchen, hearth room and two bedrooms.

Wynner’s Cup Café
301 Elm St.

This popular restaurant and gathering space is located in the heart of Ludlow’s downtown. The café shares the building with Second Sight Spirits, an artisan distillery creating hand-crafted rums and other fine spirits. The centerpiece of the space is their copper still, capped with a replica of a swami’s turban and surrounded by theater-style curtains.

317 Elm St.

This early 1900’s home is on a double lot, giving the owner room for a guest cottage, large shed, hot tub and outdoor entertaining space. Inside the home, he has created a warm, clubby atmosphere, also perfect for relaxing and entertaining.

430 Elm St.

The DIY owners of this 1920’s house have worked on almost every inch of it, updating mechanicals and lighting, rerouting staircases, restoring stained glass and refinishing the floors. They have created much of their furniture themselves, either from reclaimed materials or by fixing up vintage finds. Their boho chic style feels fresh, comfortable and welcoming.

529 Elm St.

This charming 1958 home across the street from the park lives much larger than it appears. A former porch has become a family room and a bonus room off the garage will soon be a master suite. The large outdoor living space was their 2018 project. While you’re in the house, see if you can spot the Harry Potter references included in the vignettes of quirky accessories.

For more information and to get tickets, please go to www.BeyondTheCurb.org.

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