Photo op all season with Mr. Redlegs; team puts sculpture benches at two spots in Covington

Want your picture taken with Mr. Redlegs?

The Cincinnati Reds mascot is currently sitting on benches at the Devou Park Overlook and on Riverside Drive, and he will be there throughout the Reds’ 2019 season. (Yes, that’s two places at once, but like Santa Claus he can be anywhere and everywhere he wants to be at the same time, and in fact he will soon be sitting at 25 locations throughout the region.)

The sculpture-and-bench creations are part of a season-long promotion by the Reds to celebrate the team’s 150th anniversary as a professional club and are inspired by the success of the All-Star Mustache Benches that fans enjoyed in 2015.

The 1869 Red Stockings were the first openly all-salaried professional team in baseball history, transforming baseball from a social-club pastime to a professional game. The Red Stockings created a lasting legacy that has carried through generations of Reds fans over the years.

The benches will feature a sculpture of Mr. Redlegs in the various throwback uniforms to be worn by the Reds during this season. The Reds will wear throwback uniforms at 15 different home games in 2019.

At each location, Mr. Redlegs is wearing a different throwback uniform with descriptions telling about the style and history.

The Devou Park figure features the 1969 team uniform, while the one on Riverside Drive features the 1869 uniform.

The team will eventually post a map of the locations of all 25 figures at, which currently features a lot of information about the anniversary.

NKyTribune staff and City of Covington

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