Newport School of Innovation is an online learning program aimed at underserved students

Recognizing that all students are not suited for a traditional classroom setting, Newport Independent Schools has launched an online learning program that is taking an innovative approach to engaging and serving an underserved student population.

Classes will begin this Fall and there is an application process to be accepted into this program.

The Newport School of Innovation will serve students who want to take additional classes beyond what is typically being offered at our high school or when they are not traditionally offered as this can be a 24/7 schooling opportunity. Some students may want to take higher level courses while some may want to graduate in three rather than 4 years. The school of innovation may be of interest to students who are homeschooled or just do not fit into a traditional setting or have family/personal issues that prevent their regular attendance in a classroom during normal school hours.

Students and parents can learn more and apply for classes by visiting the Newport School of Innovation page on the Newport Independent Schools’ website. Online programs and classes are available for students in grades 6 through 12 for students in Newport as well as throughout Northern Kentucky.

“Newport School of Innovation – like any other online program – allows flexibility, personalized learning, and time management along with a variety of courses that a traditional school setting cannot provide,” said Newport Independent Schools Innovation Coordinator Josh Snapp. ”

Newport School of Innovation will ensure that all students that enroll can have the opportunity to be successful through flexible personalized learning along with allowing students to enroll in courses they have interest in rather than offering the normal set of options.

“Newport School of Innovation will open up a whole new world to students,” said Newport Independent Schools Superintendent Kelly Middleton. “For instance, we do not offer Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language in a traditional classroom setting at Newport High School. But a student can enroll in Mandarin Chinese through the School of Innovation.”

Students who work will appreciate the flexible scheduling and the opportunity to do course work in the evening. The School of Innovation will also cater to students who are not challenged in the traditional setting, who have anxiety about attending school or who are homeschooled but need teacher and curriculum support.

Other opportunities include tutoring, elective and post-secondary courses; internships; and community service projects.

“What we are really doing with the Newport School of Innovation is helping students gain the knowledge needed to have successful career opportunities through personalized, hybrid learning,” Superintendent Middleton said.

Newport Innovation School will offer four programs that are designed to meet the needs of students across the region:

Trailblazer accepts 6th through 12th grade students whose parents would like to homeschool with educational guidance, support, and extracurricular opportunities. A Huddle course is recommended for students which meets twice a week. No state testing is administered, but MAP testing is encouraged to show progress. The cost of Trailblazer is $60 per month.
Go Steady

Go Steady is for 9th through 12th-grade students who are expecting, a student caring for a family member, or students who need a more flexible schedule in order to work. Coursework is delivered digitally. Many students participate in family literacy programs and independent living seminars. Students are required to attend testing preparation and state testing. 

Ascend is for 9th through 12th-grade students who would like to either graduate early or would like the opportunity to receive dual credit classes to get a jump start on their post-secondary education. Coursework is delivered primarily digitally, however, students must attend a Huddle course and state testing.

The CARE program is for 6th through 12th-grade students who have difficulty fitting into a traditional learning environment. These students may have anxiety or may be struggling with a private issue. Coursework is delivered primarily digitally, however, students must attend a Huddle or POW WOW course and state testing

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