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Beyond the Curb: Picturesque house renovated for River City Living in Ludlow, replete with quirky details

The tale of the picturesque house in this week’s episode of Beyond the Curb: River City Living begins in 1859, when it was built.

Its most recent owner was the father of local interior designer, Carey Warman. When he passed away, Warman created a vision for renovating it in a way that honors the past while planning for the future.

Warman said the home’s exterior color scheme of soft aqua and blush pink was inspired by family trips to Seaside, Florida.

The setting of the house on a quiet Ludlow street feels like an enchanted garden, with layered plantings, charming seating areas and small statues tucked in amongst the greenery.

During the renovation, the kitchen needed to be gutted.

Ben Knight, a carpenter who lives in Ludlow, built custom cabinets and installed beadboard on the walls. By relocating the refrigerator to the adjacent pantry, Warman was able to loosen up the layout of the space. She incorporated a range of materials, including painted wood, butcherblock, granite and rattan, that combine to create a modern cottage look.

The exterior

As with any old house, there are challenges that arise during renovation. The original wood floors had several areas that needed to be patched. Warman filled the holes with vintage letterpress print blocks, which were sealed in place when the floors were refinished by another Ludlow business, Elm Street Flooring. Quirky details like this bring a playful spirit to the house.

Evidence of a long-standing tradition highlighted in the living room are signatures from the home’s previous owners, written directly on the plaster walls. They were preserved and left untouched when the new milky-white paint was rolled on. The oldest dates back to 1867 and the new owners plan to add theirs, as well.

Jen and Michael, who recently purchased the house, love the updates that Warman made. Jen said, “It’s her work of art and we get to live in it.”

Each Friday, a new episode of Beyond the Curb: River City Living is released. Previous episodes can be watched at www.BeyondtheCurb.org/video-tours.

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The backyard

Floor infill

The living room

The kitchen

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