Kentucky Monthly Magazine acquires Kentucky Explorer Magazine; publication closes after 34 years

After more than 34 years, Kentucky Explorer Magazine, from Jackson, has published its last issue. Readers enjoyed historical articles, old photos, genealogy tips and personal essays, in the black and white magazine which was printed on newspaper stock.

Beginning with the February 2021 issue of Kentucky Monthly Magazine, a section of each issue will include content, and even be styled to resemble, the familiar pages of Kentucky Explorer.

Today, as Kentucky Explorer owner Charles Hayes and staff contemplate retirement, the reins have been handed over to Steve Vest, editor and publisher of Kentucky Monthly Magazine.

“For more than 22 years Kentucky Monthly has celebrated the people, places, events and culture of the Commonwealth. We’ve always seen Kentucky Explorer an ally in that pursuit,” said Vest. “To take up this challenge, I feel we’re living up to the state motto, ‘United We Stand,’ and we’re glad Kentucky Explorer will live on within the pages of Kentucky Monthly.”

Since this news first broke, dozens upon dozens of Kentucky Explorer readers have called the Kentucky Monthly office, some in tears. “It is obvious they love their magazine and we’ve assured them that together, we’ll honor what’s been for years to come,” Vest said.

Deborah Kohl Kremer will serve as editor of Kentucky Explorer. Stories, articles, old photos and memorabilia can be emailed to or mailed to Kentucky Monthly, P.O. Box 559, Frankfort KY 40601.

The pages of Kentucky Explorer are filled with reader-submitted content, which will continue, but the subscribers will also be introduced to Kentucky Monthly and the wide array of stories highlighting the best of the Bluegrass State.

“Kentucky Monthly will fulfill all current subscriptions to Kentucky Explorer subscribers,” said Vest. “And we think those subscribers will enjoy all that we have to offer.”

Kentucky Monthly Magazine has been serving Kentuckians since 1998 and has a readership of more than 100,000 each issue. For more information visit

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10 thoughts on “Kentucky Monthly Magazine acquires Kentucky Explorer Magazine; publication closes after 34 years

  1. Is there anyway that I can buy a copy of your magazine with the Disappointment Hollow information in it. My grandmother Delora Cole Gregory was born their. Her parents and siblings had a big home there. She married my mom’s father Jimmy Gregory and Delora died when my mom was only ten. Would love to have a copy of that magazine.

  2. What ever happened with the DVD set? My mother was a long time subscriber to the ky explorer and has asked about this. Last time i checked stated dvd set was in the works. Looks as if the website is no longer valid. Any updates and info appreciated. Thanks

  3. This is heartbreaking news, as another bastion of happiness from America’s greatest state folds to reality. I understand retirement and nothing lasts forever, but it still going to be hard to get used too. My mother was a loyal subscriber, it was always nice when back home to sit and read the latest issue. It is fitting that the magazine ends as she passed on earlier this year. The magazine was a great way to connect with others without going to the internet in these impersonal times. I, for one, do not like to see change come especially to something so good, but life goes on.

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