Baker Hunt announces invitation only solo exhibition ‘Ken Landon Buck: Life and Connection through art’

As part of the artist in residence program, Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center is offering “Ken Landon Buck: Life and Connection Through Art”, a solo art exhibition by Ken Landon Buck.

Buck’s recent studio work will be featured and available for purchase.

The show will open by invitation only on September 1st. The exhibition will be an integral part of Twilight in the gardens on September 11th and 18th. The general public is invited to enjoy the show on September 22nd. Tickets for the show are limited and visitors are encouraged to reserve tickets for the event online at

“Pool of Dreams” by Ken Landon Buck, 2017

Ken Landon Buck, a Cincinnati native, is best known for his mixed-media watercolor and pastel works. Ken began creating art in High School where he took an art class for credit.

“Painting allowed me to express myself and discover who I was,” he said. “Once I found art, I had a perfect way to express what was inside and everyone related to it.”

Buck went on to receive a Business Art Degree from the Ohio Visual Art Institute and has spent over two decades teaching art. His work is featured in books, newspapers, international magazines, and purchased for private, museums, and corporate collections. He was named one of the “Top 100 Pastel Artists in America” by the Pastel Journal, and he can be seen on PBS “The Art Show” in season 7. In April he was named Artist in Residence at Baker Hunt. His website is

“Ken Landon Buck: Life and Connection Through Art” will feature around 20 figurative works painted with a mix of watercolor and oil pastel. Ken hopes visitors will get a sense of the individuals in his paintings and will leave the show knowing that these people are special.

Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center

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