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Heads up: Kenton County PVA collecting street-level photography using Cyclomedia, cars are well marked

The Kenton County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) is in the process of collecting street-level photography of several jurisdictions within the county consisting of approximately 18,000 parcels.

Cyclomedia Technologies, Inc. was selected to perform these services on behalf of the PVA Office.

“The PVA elected to utilize Cyclomedia’s patented recording system to capture highly accurate, detailed, high definition, street-level panoramic images,” said Kenton County PVA Darlene Plummer.

“The system captures images in five directions.  These updated images will assist our assessors in maintaining fair and equitable assessments by documenting crucial information about a property’s current condition.” 
Other benefits include:

• Expedite the overall process of determining fair and equitable assessments 
• Enhance the efficiency of the property valuation process  
• Assist in locating new construction and other property changes 
Cyclomedia field staff will photograph properties from customized four-door white hatchback vehicles that will be clearly marked with Cyclomedia on each side of the vehicle as well as the Kenton County PVA logo.

In consideration of privacy, all images collected containing identifiable faces and license plates will have those made unrecognizable by ‘blurring’. 

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