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Two Kentucky attractions named to Best of USA travel list: Mammoth Cave, Old Seelbach Bar in L’ville

Two Kentucky attractions, Mammoth Cave National Park and Old Seelbach Bar in Louisville, have been named among the 150 best things to do in the United States this summer by Travel Lemming. The list highlights the online travel guide team’s picks for the most exciting summer attractions and destinations around the country.
Topping the list is the historic Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway, and Seattle’s Fremont Solstice Parade. The eclectic summer bucket list also includes a floating taco bar in the U.S. Virgin Islands (#10), a 1920s-themed lawn party in New York (#13), a car-free island in Michigan (#76), and the world’s largest outdoor rodeo in Wyoming (#114).
Mammoth Cave National Park (#14) and Louisville’s Old Seelbach Bar (#18) were the two Kentucky attractions to land spots on the list of 150 things to do.

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“We greatly appreciate the Old Seelbach Bar’s inclusion in Travel Lemming’s Best of USA summer 2022 flagship article”, said Paul Sant, executive chef at the Seelbach Hilton. “With Over 250+ recognizable and unique bourbon bottles on our shelves, and many of them being Kentucky Straight Bourbon, we look forward to welcoming visitors as they discover what makes our location so special.”

Travel Lemming editor Taylor Herperger added, “One of my favorite travel experiences ever was having a cocktail at the bar before getting an impromptu tour through the hotel by a staff member – it’s a Louisville stop that can’t be missed!”

Regarding Mammoth Cave National Park’s inclusion, Travel Lemming writer Elizabeth Demolat commented: “While every National Park in the US is a special place, there’s nothing quite like Mammoth Caves anywhere else. The sheer size of the caves is incredible. Plus, the opportunity to explore an underground world that we rarely ever encounter is a profound experience.”
The inaugural edition of the publication’s signature summer list was selected by Travel Lemming’s team of two dozen writers and editors.
Nate Hake, CEO of Travel Lemming, said: “This summer is shaping up to be a pivotal one for the tourism and hospitality industry. With so much on the line for the future of travel, we decided to put a special spotlight on the 150 things our team feels are especially worth attention from travelers this summer.”
Travel Lemming is an online travel guide with more than a half-million monthly readers across the United States and Canada. It is known for its focus on encouraging travelers to go “off the lemming path.”

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