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Sen. John Schickel: Congratulating CVG on 75 years of operation and service to the NKY community

I have a long history with our airport. As a little boy growing up on a farm in Loveland, Ohio, I can remember Mom loading us kids into the station wagon to pick up Dad from the airport after returning from a long business trip. These were the days before air conditioning and the expressway. It was a long journey, but we all looked forward to it.

We would go early, and Mom would take us to the observation area to watch the planes come in. Dad would exit the plane and take us to the River Queen for dinner, a white tablecloth restaurant in the airport. The restaurant looked out over the airport. Those were happy days.

State Senator John Schickel presents Chief Executive Officer of CVG Airport Candace McGraw with a Senate citation recognizing the 75th Anniversary of CVG Airport. (Photo provided)

Many years later, the airport acquired the land my home resided on in Hebron to make way for the expansion of the north/south runway. When the Delta hub left the airport, many folks predicted it would never return to its glory days of being one of the busiest airports in the midwest. They were wrong. Under a new governance system, leadership, and lots of hard work, gradually, the airport worked its way back to prominence.

Then COVID hit, and the airport plummeted again. However, I am happy to report the airport is back almost to pre-COVID levels. Our world-class airport now has the reputation of being one of the best in the country. In addition to being an air cargo hub with a national reputation, its passenger service has come roaring back, mainly serving local passengers. Many low-cost airlines have been added, and our airport has transformed from one of the most expensive airports in the nation to one of the most inexpensive for passenger travel.

I am honored to represent the CVG Airport as a part of the 11th State Senate District here in Boone County. I introduced a citation during the 2022 Legislation Session recognizing its 75 years of operation and service.

I am grateful to have CVG in Boone County. It continues to be one of the state’s most significant economic growth centers, continually providing a warm welcome to visitors and high-quality jobs for working families.

I appreciate CVG’s efforts to ably serve the needs of residents of our region and state, and I want to congratulate CVG Airport CEO Candace McGraw, the airport board and the employees who work hard to make the airport the success that it is.

Senator John Schickel represents the 11th District in northern and central Boone County.

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