New Democrat survey shows Kentuckians oppose an ‘extreme’ ban on abortions; Beshear remains popular

The Democratic Governors Association announced this week that Kentuckians in a recent public opinion survey overwhelmingly oppose a complete ban on abortion access.

The survey found that 62% of Kentuckians oppose an extreme ban that even denies abortion access in cases of rape or incest, while a mere 14% support making abortion illegal in all cases.

This year voters in Kentucky will consider a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would seek to erode any prior constitutional protections to deny abortion access in all cases as the question states “nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to protect a right to an abortion.”

Tamarri Wieder, Chairperson of Protect Kentucky Access stated, “The recent poll is consistent with what we know and have seen historically: That Kentuckians do not support an extreme ban that would deny abortion access in all cases. The proposed amendment is a massive government overreach from extremist politicians in Frankfort and they have every reason to be scared that their scheme to cement their radical agenda in the constitution is going to be defeated on November 8.”

Additionally, the survey also found that Kentucky Governor Andrew Beshear has a very strong job approval mark of 60% heading into the 2023 election.

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