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Former Boone Co. teacher Jennifer Inman to lead Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission

The Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission (KFEC) has named Jennifer Inman as its new executive director. Inman will lead the commission and its efforts to improve the financial literacy and financial education of all Kentuckians.

Jennifer Inman

“Jennifer brings a wealth of experience to this role. She has taught financial education to high schoolers and worked in both the finance and non-profit sectors,” Treasurer Allison Ball said. “Each part of her background fits perfectly with the Commission’s needs and goals.”

Before joining KFEC, Inman taught financial literacy at Boone County High School in Florence. She has also worked extensively with the John Jay Center for Learning, a non-profit technical education center located in Portland, IN. She received her B.S. from Indiana Wesleyan University, an M.A. in Teaching Business & Marketing from University of the Cumberlands, and completed graduate studies in Economics and Finance at Northern Kentucky University.

“My professional training and my own personal experience have both emphasized the importance of financial literacy and empowerment,” Inman said. “I am excited to lead KFEC as we continue to improve the financial empowerment of Kentuckians as I have seen in classrooms, boardrooms, and in my own life the difference these lessons can make.”

Inman will build off the Commission’s success over the past three years. This includes new program offerings such as the Kentucky Financial Educators Network, the Kentucky Bank On Network, and the Financial Empowerment for Commonwealth Employees program.

The Commission has six target categories: Kentuckians with disabilities, aging Kentuckians, state employees, low-income families, students, and veterans and military personnel. You can find more on the Kentucky Financial Empowerment Commission at KYFEC.org.

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