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He manages transportation for BAWAC, gets a lot of people around, including to medical appointments

By Andy Furman
NKyTribune reporter

All he wants to do is keep things rolling.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

Dave Minear is the Transportation Manager for BAWAC, Inc., and told the Northern Kentucky Tribune: “Our job as drivers is to get individuals to and from – in a safe and timely manner.”

And Dave Minear has managed – with a few hiccups – to handle the job safely as well as successfully.

“I’ve been a BAWAC employee – off and on – for some 37 years,” he said. “And when Florence Senior Services closed, it was BAWAC, Inc. that took over.”

Dave Minear

And so did Dave Minear — that was some five years ago.

BAWAC, Inc. was established to serve people with disabilities or other barriers to employment through training and employment opportunities.

BAWAC, Inc. Transportation – which Minear heads — provides access from home to programs and employment for Medicaid Waiver consumers within six counties, and medical runs for the NKADD — Northern Kentucky Area Development District — and St. Elizabeth Physicians and outpatient service.

If all the acronyms have left you with questions, well BAWAC, Inc. is Boone Adult Work Activity Center – located at 7970 Kentucky Drive.

BAWAC Community Rehabilitation Center began in March 1973 as a unit of the Northern Kentucky Mental Health – DIDD Regional Board, with support and assistance from the Boone County ARC.

The legal name of the agency is BAWAC, Inc.

“The Medical Run side of the Transportation side of BAWAC, Inc. is basically a provider for FTSB – Federal Transportation Systems of the Bluegrass – according to Minear.

“We work for NKADD, and are Medicaid eligible,” he said, “And handle about 55 people on our runs.”

The Med-Run also handles clients with dialysis, cancer care, eye care, pharmacies as well as drug rehabilitation clinic visits.

“The everyday non-med run stops include: The Scheben Care Center, N.P.I., Redwood Rehabilitation Center, Active Day, BAWAC, Inc. and North Key in Falmouth – Adult Day Training.

“We’ll run close to 190 people twice-daily,” Minear said, “Or 380 clients a-day. Yes, it can be stressful at times.”

Those twice-daily runs are split into shifts for Minear’s 43 drivers – from 6:30-9:30 a.m. – and then again; the afternoon from 2:30-5:30 p.m. – Monday through Friday.

“Our drivers range from as young as 23 to 82 years of age,” he said.

Minear manages the day-to-day transportation business for BAWAC, Inc.; handles the scheduling, and drives as an emergency driver, when necessary.

“We’re trained just like everyone else,” he said. “Everyone in the office does some driving.”

Up at 5:45 am, Minear is always ready for a driver cancellation. 
“Sometimes,” he says, “we can be on the road to around eight at night.”

It’s a labor of love he says.

“My mom worked here,” he said, “and I’ve been permanently here since 2004.”

So, what keeps him coming back to BAWAC, Inc?

“Meeting the different individuals; none of them are alike,” said the Dixie Heights High School grad. “And that blend draws me here every day.”

So does his desire to help others.

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