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Dr. Vincent Tomar followed a winding road to becoming chiropractor, a relief for him, many others

By Andy Furman
NKyTribune Reporter

Warning: What you are about to read may be beneficial to your health.

It started with an accident – and, quite honestly, it was an accident.

“My mom and dad hit a deer with their car,” said the 58-year-old Dr. Vincent Tomar. “When a medical doctor didn’t give them relief, they went to a chiropractor. The result basically put a bug in my head.”

But there was more.

Dr. Vincent Tomar

During mid-term exams while a student at the University of Southern Colorado, Tomar developed a pain in his arm that moved all the way to his neck.

“I couldn’t study, I couldn’t focus, I felt like a wild dog.”
And as luck would have it, his roommate pleaded with him to visit a, gulp – chiropractor – who just happened to be his dad.

“It took just three visits, and the pain was gone,” Tomar said. “I switched majors and decided to become a chiropractor.”

Tomar was studying Engineering for two years – and now was introduced to Physiology and Biology.

What followed was two more years at Southern Colorado, and another four at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa.

“With no summer breaks,” he reminded.

Leaving Colorado also meant Tomar leaving his very risky summer job – a rafting instructor in Canyon City on the Arkansas River.

“I saw an ad in the newspaper,” he said, “and just answered it.”

So how did the Detroit native end-up in Northern Kentucky?

“I got married in Iowa,” he said, “I met my wife while in college, and she’s from Iowa.”

And, get this – they honeymooned in Kentucky – liked it so much the decided to call it home.

Dr. Tomar served as an Associate in Indiana for three months, he says, and in 1995 opened his own practice at his present site – on Mall Road.

“That’s when the work really started,” he said.

“For about three years all I really did was try to drum-up business. I went to Home-a-Rama, did talks, saw people that might need some help. Whatever it took to get them in my office.”

Apparently, the talking worked, Dr. Tomar says he services close to 5,000 patients-a year, from about 30-to-60 years of age.

“I remember a lady came in for lower back pain,” he said. “She got better, and kept coming back. A year later she told me she was having trouble having a baby. After our visits she became pregnant. Her menstrual cycle came back.”

Enjoying Colorado — as a rafting instructor

Delivering babies, for sure wasn’t studied in medical school.
And yes, Dr, Tomar has had his time with the stars.

“I had a Security Guard from Riverbend as a patient,” he said. “He came in one day and said, ‘Doc, Jimmy Buffet wants a treatment.’”

So, the good doctor rushes to Riverbend and was told by Buffet: “I need a general adjustment.”

One problem – we didn’t have a table, Tomar recalled.

“I adjusted him on the couch and on the floor.”

Tomar didn’t stay for the performance, but he must’ve done a good job because the Security Guard came back a few months later with another request.

The group Boston was in need of Dr. Tomar.

“I’ve had more requests,” he said, “but it’s hard leaving my regulars.”

Tomar said, what’s really the hardest in his profession – “dealing with insurance companies.”

That’s not even close to a back pain – which Dr. Tomar handles a lot easier.

Dr. Vincent Tomar heads Back to Health Chiropractic on 8178 Mall Road, Florence.

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