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Election officials remain the best source for accurate and credible election information

By Michael Adams and Steve Simon
Special to NKyTribune

The November 8 general election is quickly approaching, and misleading election information is on the rise. Each time you turn on the TV or check your social media feed, you may wonder, “Where do I turn for the actual facts?”

In this fast-paced age, where all forms of content can easily spread with a simple click of a button, it’s crucial, now more than ever, to ensure your election information comes from trustworthy, reliable sources. As the Chief Election Officials for the states of Kentucky and Minnesota, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re registering to vote, updating or checking your voter registration information, or trying to locate your polling location, rest assured we have the accurate information you need to successfully participate in the 2022 election.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams (Photo provided)

If you’re a fellow Kentuckian or Minnesotan, look no further than the offices of Secretary of State Michael Adams and Secretary of State Steve Simon for all your election information, resources, and questions. We may be on opposite sides of the aisle, but when it comes to ensuring voters receive only the best election information, we’re on the same team.

In preparation for the upcoming 2022 general election, we encourage everyone to join us in support of #TrustedInfo2022. Led by the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), #TrustedInfo2022 is a nonpartisan initiative that informs the public about the importance of turning to election officials for credible election information.

We’re excited about the support that #TrustedInfo2022 has already received and would like you to help spread the word about this important effort. Learn more about #TrustedInfo2022 by visiting nass.org. You can also check out NASS’s canivote.org, a great nonpartisan resource that provides a state-by-state breakdown on registering to vote, checking your voter registration status, locating your polling location, becoming a poll worker, and more.

Speaking of becoming a poll worker, we’d love to have you join our ranks. As a poll worker you’ll see democracy up close while making a difference in your local community. Learn more about becoming a poll worker in Kentucky and Minnesota by visiting our websites at sos.ky.gov and sos.mn.gov..

Also, to see regular updates from us, you can follow our verified social media accounts and share our content featuring the #TrustedInfo2022 hashtag: 
Secretary Michael Adams on Twitter at @KySecState or Facebook at KySecofState and Secretary Steve Simon on Twitter at @mnsecofstate or Facebook at MNSteveSimon

We look forward to helping make your voice heard this November.

Michael Adams is Kentucky Secretary of State; Steve Simon is Minnesota’s Secretary of State.

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