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Boone County Classified Employees Association calls for immediate recognition as bargaining agent

The Boone County Classified Employees Association (BCCEA), the union representing classified employees in the Boone County Schools system, is calling upon the Board of Education to vote in favor of recognizing BCCEA as the official bargaining agent for classified employees in the district.

The Board may vote on the recognition on December 8 at the School Board Meeting. The meeting will convene at 7:30 p.m. in the Ralph Rush Center, located at 99 Center Street in Florence. A vote for recognition will allow for the negotiation of a classified employee contract between the Association and the School Board.

The teaching staff, and others with certified licensure, already have the right and recognition. The classified employees and their allies in the community believe the recognition will improve the services in Boone County Schools.

BCCEA represents the custodial, cafeteria, bus driver, teaching aide, family resource coordinator, speech-language pathologist, school nurse, and many other job titles within the Boone County School system. The members of BCCEA call upon the Board to recognize them as the official bargaining agent according to the following concerns:

Equal Treatment

A two-tier system of rights and benefits is inherently unfair. The classified employees should have the same protections and status as the certified employees. This inequality will not end until the Classified employees are officially granted equal recognition and a negotiated contract.


Classified employees are as vital to the operation of the school district as certified employees. Children cannot arrive at school or be fully supported without classified employee support. Classified employees deserve equal respect, including full respect as a bargaining agents. Several memorandums of agreement have been offered from BCCEA to the Boone County Schools Superintendent. All have been rejected without due consideration.

Right to Due Process

Certified employees are able to utilize a multi-tiered process for grievance resolution. Classified employees registering concerns are subject to the arbitrary and capricious decisions of administration.

Safety and Accountability

Public service unions ensure safety and taxpayer accountability. Unions are able promote oversight because of the worker protections and specific provisions offered in a contract. BCCEA is more able to serve in a traditional oversight role by way of contractual obligations. The need for oversight is readily apparent in Boone County Schools.

Quality of Service

Strategic, mandated collaboration between the classified employees and administration will increase productivity and offset employee turnover.

Boone County Classified Employees Association

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