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Dallas Horn is running (well, walking this year) in his 50th Thanksgiving Day race — and ‘will finish in 1:40’

By Andy Furman
NKyTribune reporter

There’s at least one thing Dallas Horn took with him after he left the military.

And he’s putting it to good use Thanksgiving Day.

For the 50th time.

Yes, Dallas Horn will be racing in the Thanksgiving Day race for the 50th time this year.

“I just got really interested in running after my military service,” the 77-year-old Horn told the Northern Kentucky Tribune. “I had to run in the military, and got tested in training.”

His test scores were pretty good.

Horn claims he ran a seven-minute mile in combat boots – and he placed seventh out of a group of 50.

“I liked running, and thought, well seventh out of 50 is pretty good,” the Covington resident said.

Dan Horn

Horn says he really enjoys running, but the last few years he’s taken a different approach in the 10K race.

“I’ve been walking the past few years,” he says, “its easier on the knees.”

Horn does his training with a walk, about twice-a-week he says.

He’s competed in the Flying Pig and has completed the Half-Marathon as well.

But perhaps his biggest accomplishment is the race he “invented.”

“This was back in 1992,” he proudly states. “It was Kentucky’s Bi-Centennial.”

Kentucky became a state in 1792.

“We reenacted an event involving Daniel Boone,” he said. “It was when he (Boone) escaped from the Indians in Xenia, Ohio and ended up in Boonesboro, Ky.”

That Xenia-to-Boonesboro run in 1992 was 160 miles and Horn completed it in four-and-a-half days, he says.

“I’ve always wanted to place in the Top 10 on Thanksgiving Day,” he said, “Not so far. But I’ve always finished. If I had to crawl to the finish I would.”

In past years, Horn would have his wife Carol drive him to the race when the start was in Latonia.

These days he simply walks to the starting line from his Covington condo.

“I just feel so blessed to be able to do this,” he said.

The 10K race is 6.2 miles and Horn says he hadn’t even walked six miles since last Thanksgiving.

“I gave it a go last week,” he said, “I should finish in about 1:40 on Thursday.”

When he was just a kid at 40, Dallas Horn was a true speedster.

“That was at my running peak,” he said. “I completed the Thanksgiving race in about 39 minutes.”

That’s about a six-and-a-half-minute mile.

Just imagine how good Dallas Horn would be if he actually practiced.

Another of Dallas’races (Photos provided)

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