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Election ’22: Wheatley for state rep., Aubuchon, Florence Mayor; JB Smith, Crescent Springs council

Buddy Wheatley: 65th District not for sale

For those of us who serve as state representatives, every two years is an opportunity to get feedback – a report card of sorts – about how we’re doing. I have always welcomed the opportunity to connect with the people of my district, get their input, and project their collective voice as I represent them in Frankfort.

Buddy Wheatley

Your voice matters to me, and that’s why I was so disappointed to learn that a campaign against me is being fueled by dark money special interests who are trying to buy the 65th District seat, spending wildly to drown out your voice.

I have been a public servant for more than 30 years. I’ve served the people of the 65th district proudly for two terms, and before that I served as a firefighter and Fire Chief for the City of Covington. I’ve put my life, literally, on the line for this community – you know you can count on me. You will always have a seat at the table with me.

Yet, according to the Courier-Journal, there is a special interest campaign against me being bank-rolled by a shady, dark money Super-PAC funded by a Republican leadership committee in Washington D.C., and other special interest groups who have swooped in at the last minute: “KSL Inc. has so far spent just shy of $460,000 on ads supporting Republican candidates in seven competitive House races, with the most going to Stephanie Dietz, … whose Northern Kentucky district was redrawn to be more favorable to the GOP.”

After redrawing 65th District boundaries in their favor, they’re now relying on their corporate and out of state special interest groups to spend big in this race. With so many outside interests at the table, that means there’s no room left for you and your family.  I will never let outside interests buy their seat at the table.

So I’m asking, when you cast your vote in this election, vote for me, Buddy Wheatley, in Kentucky’s 65th district and let me keep fighting to give you the representative that you deserve – with no strings attached!

State Representative Buddy Wheatley

Julie Metzger Aubuchon for mayor of Florence

I’m Dr. Julie Metzger Aubuchon and I’m a candidate for Mayor for the City of Florence, Kentucky. I’m asking for the opportunity to earn your vote on Election Day.

My priorities for the City of Florence are:

1) Ensure public safety by supporting our police and fire departments with the necessary policies, staffing and equipment.

2) Be prepared for infrastructure needs such as maintenance of roads, sidewalks and water and sewer lines.

3) Provide recreational opportunities for our residents through operation of our senior center, golf course, pool, and other city parks.

4) Maintain economic vitality through smart growth; planning for growth and establishing high design standards for new developments.

5) Keep taxes low while providing our residents the level of services they have come to expect.

Julie Metzger Aubuchon

As a lifelong resident of Florence, I am excited to leverage my experience on City Council, as a business owner and a leader in non-profit organizations to the benefit of the citizens of Florence. Our current mayor, Diane Whalen will be retiring after over two decades of service to the city. I salute Diane for her years of service and wish her well on her retirement. As we have the opportunity to elect a new mayor for our city, I feel that as the current Vice Mayor, I am uniquely positioned to transition our city into the future.

As a current member of Florence City Council, I’ve been fortunate to be on a team that has kept taxes low, addressed public safety needs, maintained infrastructure, facilitated recreation opportunities, and attracted business development throughout the community. My service on council also includes service as the chair of the city’s planning and zoning committee. I am the city’s current delegate to the Boone County Early Childhood board. I have served as the City’s delegate on the Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments, a member of the schools committee and as the city’s delegate to the Northern Kentucky Health Department Board, where I served as chair of that board.

Operating a business in the city has enabled me to continue a family tradition. Metzger Eye Care is celebrating its 65th anniversary of continuous operation this year. I’m blessed with a supportive team as I undertake this new journey. Owning a small business requires securing talent, budgeting, strategic planning, and managing employees. I feel this experience has strengthened the skills that I will rely upon to lead the talented men and women of our city’s workforce. I have further served my profession as President of the Kentucky Optometric Association, where I led our members to passage of a bill to expand the access to eye care in rural communities.

To serve others is truly the best work of life. I have learned that when you give freely of your time, energy, and talent, you receive more in return than you could ever imagine. Over the years, I have been involved in various non-profit organizations but my involvement with the Jaycees was the most impactful. The Jaycees are a community service organization for young people interested in creating positive change in their communities. I started at the local level but worked my way through various positions to eventually serve as state president of the Kentucky Jaycees. After my service at the state level, I was elected to the national board of the US Jaycees. In 2005, I was elected as National President for the United States Jaycees. As President, I traveled to 46 states and 3 foreign countries encouraging members to get involved in their communities. It was an experience that impacted my view of the world, and what our community can become.

It was through the Jaycees organization that I met my husband Pat, a past president of the Missouri Jaycees. Pat, a retired juvenile officer, relocated to Kentucky from St. Louis. We are proud to have chosen Florence to raise our teenage son, Brady. My motivation to run for Mayor is that I want to ensure that Brady is as proud of his hometown as am I.

In the past year, since I filed to run for office, I have received a great deal of support. I want to thank those members of our community who took the time to speak with Pat, Brady, or myself as we have knocked on doors in every corner of our great city. I appreciate the ideas and input that have been shared. By combining my experience from service on council as a business owner and as a non-profit leader, with the insight I receive from our residents, I can effectively lead the City of Florence into the future.

For more information, please check out my website: julieforflorence.net.
I am Dr. Julie Metzger Aubuchon, and I am humbled by the opportunity to earn your support as the Mayor of the City of Florence. I encourage you to vote on Tuesday November 8th. I appreciate your support.

Dr. Julie Metzger Aubuchon

Jeannine Smith for Crescent Springs City Council

My name is Jeannine Bell “JB” Smith, I am a lifelong educator committed to excellence and investment in my community, dedicating thirty years in Kenton County Schools. As a master teacher, serving students, parents and community, I have expanded my expertise in all areas of the educational and community spectrum. It is humbling when a student writes a letter stating you have made a difference in their life. Service over self-defines my commitment to be a positive contributor to my city, my county, my state, my country. I am grateful and appreciative to those individuals that have given of themselves to guide and encourage me.

Jeannine Smith

My dedication to conservative values, fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability, limited government and free markets are of utmost importance. As a consumer advocate have addressed concerns to Duke Energy rate hikes, NKY Sanitation District, NKY Water District, Kentucky Public Service Commission, Kentucky Department of Transportation.

The voices of the People must be heard to challenge any practices they deem as unfair of governmental overreach. The Constitution mandates the People have a right to petition
the government for a redress of grievances and peacefully assemble. The voices of the
People must be heard as silence is compliance.

The responsibility of the city is to ensure the rights of the People to be secure in their persons, homes, papers and property. The Constitutional Sheriff is given the mandate of responsibility to maintain the laws of a community. The Police Offices are to serve and protect under the adjuration of the Sheriff.

The city has been given the mandate to maintain our streets and roads to ensure safety
as we travel through our roads and streets.

I am not a politician, I am an educator, I am a teacher, it is my responsibility as a member of Crescent Springs City Council to research, investigate and reach out to our residents, to 
neighboring cities, counties, elected and unelected officials to engage in problem-solving
and arrive at solutions. “It’s not just talking about a problem or concern but to take action
and find a resolution”

Notre Dame Academy Graduate
Master Degree Education NKU
Rank 1 Supervision & Administration
President of the Optimist Club
100% Pro life

Jeannine Bell “JB” Smith
Crescent Springs

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  1. Jeffrey G Schoborg says:

    J.B Smith is a great selection for Crescent Springs City Council. She is up to date on the important issues , is intelligent, and will use good judgement when decisions are necessary for the competent operation of the city. She is president of the Optimists Club, and handles herself in a professional manner. during those meetings.

  2. Bob Flaherty says:

    Well written article by Jeannine Smith.
    The city of Crescent Springs does need more transparency , elimination of over reach by legislators with administration , and elected officials that will allow its residents to speak at Council meetings to express their concerns.

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