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Paulina Jump must surely hold the record for breakfasts served at Bob Evans over 34 years

By Andy Furman
NKyTribune reporter

Don’t blame Paulina Jump if she’s not too keen on breakfast.

She’s seen plenty – and probably has had her full.

In fact, closing in on 34 years of serving breakfast at Bob Evans in Florence – 8020 US-42 —she’s probably carted some 870,000 meals.

Paulina Jump

Let’s see.

She works five-days-a-week – from 6 a.m. till 2 p.m. – that’s 40 hours-a-week.

And figure she serves four tables per-hour, with four guests at each; and she works some 200 days-a-year, well that’s about 870,000 meals served.

That’s on the low side.

And what’s most popular?

“That’s easy,” says the Owen County native, “The Homestead Breakfast. That’s the eggs and meat, with biscuits and gravy.”

Who needs menu when you have PJ around.

“I was looking for a job back in 1989,” she said, “and Bob Evans was the spot – then and now.”


“I just love what I do,” the Gallatin County High School grad said, “I did some paralegal work; but I enjoy this. I like being busy, and I like being around people.”

PJ says she was even working in management for Bob Evans for a time, but prefers being with the people.

“And,” she quipped, “I make more money serving than I did in management.”

She says the hardest part of her job — lifting trays.

But what turned things completely around was the Covid situation, she said.

“After 2020 it was not only hard to get staff, but difficult to get product,” she said.

She noticed another change, too.

“People just aren’t as patient as they were before COVID,” she said, “for whatever the reason.”

The crowds at Bob Evans remain the same, she admits, and, of course the most popular meal served is breakfast.

“And,” she adds, “One of the plusses in the job – I get to meet some famous local people.”

PJ says she’s waited on many local political leaders, and several members of the Cincinnati Bengals.

There was no comment on how they tipped.

March, 2023 is the anniversary date for Paulina Jump – PJ – who makes the daily trek to work from her Sparta home to Florence.

“That will make 34 complete years of service,” she says proudly, “I’m not sure if the company is preparing an award for service or not.”

Her service is second-to-none at Bob Evans in Florence – and is probably one of the longest tenured employees in the company.

Paulina Jump probably has served most people in Boone County breakfast at some point in time.

As for herself, well she claims she never has gone to Bob Evans to eat breakfast.

Why not?

“Well, to be quite honest,” she said, “I’m not really a breakfast person.”

Well – that’s not really true. Some 870,000 breakfast meals have been served from the trays of Paulina Jump.

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