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NKyTribune’s NewsMatch campaign doubles your contributions to support local independent news

The NKyTribune is asking for support for its annual NewsMatch campaign which runs ’til the end of December.

A group of national funders provided MATCHING funds for all individual donations to nonprofit news sites around the country, and the NKyTribune was chosen once again to participate.

“We urge our readers, who have free access to the NKyTribune’s news and features every day — and to our daily headline service sent to your email box — to voluntarily offer tax-deductible contributions to help sustain the Tribune,” said editor/publisher Judy Clabes.

Incentives are added to the Tribune’s matching funds if numbers of supporters increase year-over-year and if financial targets are exceeded as well.

The NKyTribune is a nonprofit public service online newspaper published by the Kentucky Center for Public Service journalism which was founded by Judy Clabes, her late husband Gene Clabes, and the late Mike Farrell — all professional journalists well-known to the NKY community.

“The growing team at the Tribune is proud to offer a news service that serves our homeplace in a special way,” said Clabes. “We appreciate your support so we can continue to grow and to serve.”

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