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The Downs of Nicholson community, a ‘Keeneland-like’ development, is ‘self-contained,’ and underway

By Patricia A. Scheyer
NKyTribune reporter

The plans for the Downs of Nicholson went through what could be a final revision, and those changes were approved by the Independence city council this week.

The Event Center (concept drawings provided)

“They had delayed the project about six months,” said Independence City Administrator Chris Moriconi. “In my opinion, it is now a better product.”

The approximate 30 acres that will be transformed into The Downs community is located where Taylor Mill road meets Route 16.

The site is about a mile down the road from the LaRosa restaurant, which is also owned by entrepreneur and business owner Gary Holland.

“They are already moving dirt,” said Moriconi. “They are moving a lot of dirt. Right now I would say the project will be finished sometime in 2024.”

The Downs of Nicholson is designed to be a self-contained community, featuring 64 patio homes. There will be a sit-down restaurant, with a microbrewery in the same large building, and a gas station where there will be a grocery store and a deli. A Roy Rogers restaurant is also in the plans.

“The design is reminiscent of Keeneland in Lexington,” said Moriconi. “It is all very elegant, even the barns are elegant.”

Gary Holland uses the horse theme for many of his projects. The Trifecta in Taylor Mill has horses in front and has been the site of some Derby Day activities. The LaRosa restaurant also is decorated with an equine theme.

There were two main changes to the plan that the councilmembers approved. The first was to add an event center, suitable for weddings and such, and with the center, there will be 7 guest cottages so that bridal parties and guests can stay overnight.

Designers also moved some buildings around so that there will be more greenspace.

“We couldn’t be more excited about the proposed Downs of Nicholson,” said Independence Mayor Christopher Reinersman. “Not only will this one of a kind, mixed-use development provide a variety of dining, entertainment, housing and other options to our residents and their guests, the Arcadian nature of the expansive green spaces and equestrian themed improvements will fit so well with Independence’s rural roots.”

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  1. Gary hafer says:

    Could I possibly get a contact number for some fill dirt they may need to move or get rid of

  2. Christa says:

    Does this mean a bigger Kroger? It’s already extremely over populated in Independence. Too clustered, always. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and it’s gotten really bad! Too many subdivisions going up on the out-skirts and making the town crowded 24/7. The other communities surrounding Independence need to step up and supply shopping/grocery/food for their residents also!

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