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St. Elizabeth to host special events, activities in honor of National Cancer Survivors Day on Monday

St. Elizabeth Healthcare announces a series of special events and activities in honor of National Cancer Survivors Day and Lung Health Day on Monday, June 5. These festivities celebrate the remarkable courage, strength and resilience of everyone impacted by cancer while raising awareness about the importance of lung health.

Cancer Survivors Day

Cancer in Northern Kentucky and the Greater Cincinnati area affects thousands each year. An estimated 30,000 Kentuckians, 74,000 Ohioans and 40,000 Hoosiers will face a cancer diagnosis in 2023 — far more than the national average. But while the numbers are staggering, thanks to education, awareness, medical advances and an emphasis on prevention and screening, more and more people survive cancer every day.

From 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., St. Elizabeth Healthcare will host activities at the Cancer Center in Edgewood, located at 1 Medical Village Drive. The events will create a nurturing and uplifting environment to recognize the inspiring journeys of cancer survivors and promote lung health awareness.

The activities planned will include: 

• Celebrate Rejuvenation: The Center for Integrative Oncology will offer special smoothies and relaxing hand massages, to provide moments of tranquility.

Inflatable Lung Exhibit – This interactive and educational experience allows visitors to explore the intricacies of the lung and learn the importance of lung health.

White Ribbon Project – By personalizing their own ribbon, individuals contribute to the White Ribbon Project, raising awareness for lung cancer and showcasing their commitment to lung health.

Lung Cancer Education and Screening – St. Elizabeth will offer informative materials and resources about lung cancer education and screening. Attendees can learn more about prevention, early detection and treatment options, empowering them to make informed decisions about their lung health.

• Nurse Navigator Consultations – Dedicated nurse navigators will provide valuable guidance to visitors and assist in scheduling lung cancer screenings. Personalized interactions enhance an understanding of lung health and facilitate access to necessary services.

• Pop-Up Produce – Visit a produce stand and choose from a healthy selection sourced locally.

• Community Partners on Site – Teams from the Cancer Support Community, the Cancer Patient Family Advisory Council and Walgreens’ “Feel More Like You” Program will be on-hand to share resources.

• Festive Banners and Ribbons – Vibrant banners and ribbons will adorn the Cancer Center to symbolize the collective support and solidarity for individuals impacted by cancer.

St. Elizabeth Cancer Center

“National Cancer Survivors Day and Lung Health Day hold great significance for St. Elizabeth Healthcare. They provide an opportunity to honor the remarkable journeys of cancer survivors and promote lung health within our community,” says Dr. Michael Gieske, family medicine specialist and director of Lung Cancer Screening for St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “We are excited to offer many engaging activities and educational initiatives to empower individuals to prioritize their health and well-being and inspire positive change in our community.”

“Everyone knows someone whose life has been touched by cancer,” says Dwinelva Z. Zackery, director of the Center for Integrative Oncology for St. Elizabeth Healthcare. “The planned events demonstrate our ongoing commitment to supporting cancer survivors and promoting lung health awareness. We strive to create an inclusive and compassionate environment for individuals affected by cancer, providing them comprehensive care and resources throughout their journey.”

St. Elizabeth Healthcare welcomes community members, cancer survivors, families and healthcare professionals to join in the festivities to celebrate the spirit of cancer survivors and advocate for optimal lung health.

For more information about the events taking place on National Cancer Survivors Day and Lung Health Day, please visit: St. Elizabeth Healthcare – Events & Classes.

Cancer prevention starts with regular screenings. Schedule an appointment with your primary care provider to decide which screenings are right for you. Visit: stelizabeth.com/mycancer to learn more.

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