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Erlanger sends summer packing with 3rd annual Summer Sendoff at Silverlake Park

By Patricia A. Scheyer
NKyTribune reporter

The city of Erlanger sent summer packing Saturday with their third annual Summer Sendoff event at Silverlake park. Arlinghaus is the title sponsor for the event.

The coney-eating contestants. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer/NKyTribune)

Noticeably missing this year was the pie eating contest, in the past sponsored by Colonial Cottage, a memorable contest which leaves a little ‘pie on the face’ of Erlanger mayors and council members, as well as other area mayors. All in good fun, of course.

“We didn’t have anyone to provide the pies,” said Erlanger Mayor Jessica Fette, who originally came up with the idea for the Summer Sendoff. “We haven’t given up on it, we just need someone to make pies or donate pies.”

Erlanger councilmember and former mayor Tyson Hermes was the winner of the pie eating contest two years in a row, and though he claims the winner’s right to brag, he refuses to say he is retired.

“I really wanted to continue my winning streak,” he said. “I’m still undefeated – I am not retired.”

Coney-eating winner, Sean Mulcahey of Loveland.

The coney eating contest was the extent of the culinary contests, sponsored by Skyline Chili, and though slightly less messy than cream pies, it always draws a crowd of people who might have been interested in how many coneys people can eat before they throw up.

This year’s events did not disappoint.

Though 120 people signed up to take part, most canceled or didn’t show up, but there was nonetheless a table full of contestants. A bucket was almost fetched for one contestant, whose tummy was touch-and-go for a few moments.

The winner of the contest was Sean Mulcahey, of Loveland, who was a last minute fill-in. He consumed four coneys in the one minute span alotted to contestants.

A new photo opp; artwork painted by Chrissie Fultz, a city accountant. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer/NKyTribune)

“I have done contests like these before,” he said. “I can consume large amounts in a small period of time.”

Richard Atchley of Erlanger came in second place. He has also tried his hand once before at these contests but has never won.

There was fine music. East of Austin is a cover band that plays country-themed music, and they were scheduled to entertain from 4-6 p.m., during the initial hours of the event. They were also pressed into action to judge the coney eating contest.

From 6:30-9:30 p.m. the fabled Naked Karate Girls band played for the crowds. Despite the fact that the band isn’t made up of girls, to say nothing of naked girls, and there is no karate involved, this band has a definite following. Must be the music.

East of Austin band provided music. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer/NKyTribune)

There was also a few bounce houses put on by Cincinnati Circus, who also put on shows at 4, 6 and 8 pm. Children and adults loved it.

Lots of food trucks as well as drink trucks were on hand the entire time of the event, which ran from 4-10 p.m. Fabled Brew Works, a new brewery in Erlanger, had a line of customers all evening.

There were craft booths, and group informational booths for people to browse as they enjoyed their Saturday afternoon.

“We had twice as many vendors and craft booths this year,” said Fette. “We had to put up more tents. People are having a great time. That hasn’t changed.”

The weather was fantastic, just like last year, and fireworks ended the event as usual. The event was well attended by people from all over Northern Kentucky.

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