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Boone Co. Attorney’s Office, Kentucky Safe Driver partner for ‘Alive at 25’ defensive driving program

The Boone County Attorney’s office has partnered with Kentucky Safe Driver to proactively address the leading cause of death among young drivers under the age of 25 in Kentucky with a defensive driving educational program.

The “Alive at 25” program was developed by the National Safety Council and involves a four-hour interactive classroom setting where the students are challenged to understand the causes of crashes, the tragic consequences of poor decision making, and why drivers ages 16–24 are more likely than any other age group to be injured or killed in a motor vehicle crash. The training curriculum offers a superior alternative to watching a one-hour online training video.

Turner’s hands-on approach to addressing young driver accidents stems from Kentucky having the highest deadly teen crash rates in the nation according to Valuepenguin, an organization that conducts in-depth research and analysis on insurance and other financial topics. According to a Valuepenguin 2021 study and report, a Kentucky teen is 140 percent more likely to die in a crash than the average U.S. teen.

Teen drivers only account for about seven percent of Kentucky’s drivers, but they are involved in more than 20 percent of all highway crashes, according to the Kentucky Transportation Center, College of Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

The “Alive at 25” defensive driving program is taught by certified instructors and designed for young drivers 16-24 that have been charged with certain offenses. Driver eligibility for the diversion program is determined by the Boone County Attorney, and the County Attorney’s Office has elected to waive the fee for the course.

The partnership between Kentucky Safe Driver and the Boone County Attorney’s Office provides Boone County families the potential to prevent the devastating consequences of bad decision-making by young drivers.

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