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Op-Ed – Dear Readers: We are ask for your support for nonprofit NKyTribune’s NewsMatch campaign

Dear readers:

Once again, the NKyTribune has been selected to be among the nation’s nonprofit local news sites to participate in the NewsMatch campaign funded by an impressive group of national funders who care as much as we do about sustaining local news in local communities across the nation.

We don’t have to tell you about the impact on communities when good local newspapers go away or “downsize” or become mere shadows of themselves. We felt that impact, as you did — until the Northern Kentucky Tribune stepped up in 2015 to help you change that. Our founders, professional journalists who love the community and wanted to give back, reached out to provide — free to all — local news and features and sports and obituaries and calendars and more — every day 24/7.

In the process, we have been fortunate to have great support from the business community and from the foundation community — and now we need our readers — individuals — to be the third piece of our sustainable funding puzzle. Our goal is to have those three pieces be equal — and to feel ownership and the pride of participation.

We have until December 31 to achieve our goals — not just monetary goals but to increase the number of individual supporters as well. The idea behind the NewsMatch funders’ efforts is to encourage greater community participation — and that means individuals — who support local news.

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NewsMatch offers a match of up to $1,000 per individual, but — believe me — every donation is valued and appreciated. Limits are just that, limits — the real story is in the small donations that add up. They matter.

You know the service we provide. You know that we care about our community as much as you do. You know that when you need us, we respond. You know that we provide local news without fail, day after day. You know that we provide a special emphasis on public service and journalism with a heart. You know that we are involved in the community, that we honor those who serve the community, that we support local nonprofits and organizations by providing a platform for their news and services. Our growth and viability prove that we don’t have to tell you that — thousands upon thousands of readers turn to us and count on us.

You can sign up for our daily e-newsletter — a headline service delivered to your email box every day. That’s free too. You can write a letter to the editor or a guest column for our VOICES section or send a press release about your community event, other opportunities open to you. You can offer a story idea. We are always happy to hear from you at news@nkytrib.com.

Now, we hope we can count on you to help sustain this community news site — and to help us end 2023 strong and go into 2024 stronger.

You can give online here, a secure place. Or you can mail a check — dated by December 31 — made out to the Kentucky Center for Public Service Journalism OR to The NKyTribune, 644 Braddock Court, Edgewood, Kentucky 41017. Your contributions are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS. You can view our 501(c)(3) status and our tax returns at “Who We Are” here.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. We have big plans for 2024. Please help us make those expansive plans possible.

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