Dave Meyer, Gil Fauber hand off presidency of Covington Rotary Club to Shane Noem

By Andy Furman
NKyTribune reporter

It all starts for Shane Noem, Tuesday, July 9th. That’s the date he officially takes over as President of the Covington Rotary Club. And he is ready.

Noem replaces Co-Presidents Dave Meyer and Gil Fauber. Their one-year term concluded, officially, June 30.

In fact, Noem has been chomping at the bit for a while.

“I am honored to take over as our club’s president in July,” he told the Northern Kentucky Tribune. “And in preparation for that time,” he continued, “I have a few changes or new ideas I hope to bring to my year at the helm.”

Covington Rotary co-presidents pass leadership to Shane Noem. (Photo by Andy Furman/NKyTribune)

The weekly meetings at Covington’s Radisson Hotel will start sharply at noon, every Tuesday, he promises. “With that change,” he says, “It is my hope that we will wrap up our meetings sharply at 1 p.m.”

He has the meetings set for the next two months:

July 9th – Billy Matthews — Senator Rand Paul
July 16th – Will Weber – Southbank Partners
July 23rd – Tara Noem – NKADD

6th — Brian Bozeman – Skanska/Trails
13th – Xandy Stewart – District Governor
20th – Margaret Van Giles (formerly Bexion)

Some Noem-isms:

“I would like to do a member highlight at the beginning of each meeting,” he said. “I am happy to kick off the meeting on the 9th and serve as the first.” He says he would like each member to spend at least two minutes telling the club a little more about themselves – profession, family, hobbies, it will help us all get to know each other a little better.

“The last week of the month will be a social week. It can be any day or time that week that works for the host.” Noem says the meeting can be at a member’s home, a local; pub, coffee shop or office.

“My wife and I are inviting members to stop by our home July 4th, if your schedule allows,” he said. “We will be having a casual cookout with some friends and community partners.”

Shane Noem seems to have it figured out.

“Our club will be in fine shape with him heading it,” outgoing co-president Gil Fauber said. “He’ll bring new energy to the club.”

Dave Meyer, the other outgoing co-president promised that Shanbe will not fail.

“You (Shane) will have a great support system, and we are all here to help when needed. We won’t let you fail.”

Noem is a respected political strategist, advocate, and tactician. He is the Founder and President of Roebling Solutions, government relations and lobbying firm.

He leverages his nearly two decades of experience working with and for state, local, and federal government offices, political campaigns and within the Republican Party for his clients.

He’s served in senior roles in the re-election campaigns for Senator Mitch McConnell, during which he used his connections and influence to build coalitions, oversee election-related legal affairs, facilitate testimonials, media productions, and execute high profile events.

Additionally, he served three years as Field Representative in Senator McConnell’s official office, led various political campaigns across the Commonwealth, and spent several years in a fundraising and community relations position with the Boy Scouts.

A graduate of Western Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Photojournalism, the Ft. Mitchell resident currently serves on both the Republican Party of Kentucky Executive Committee and is the chairman of the Kenton County Republican Party.

This Covington Rotary gig should be a snap.

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