Government briefs: What happened in Florence, Edgewood, Boone County, Ft. Wright meetings

By Patricia Scheyer
NKyTribune reporer


Florence city council voted unanimously to put the medical cannabis issue on the November ballot Monday evening at a special meeting.

CAO Joshua Hunt had presented all the options of what the city is able to do on June 4, and council members were given all the information to consider at that time. At this meeting, Mayor Julie Aubuchon listened to the council and summed it up, summed it up by saying she thought no one wanted to outright ban medical cannabis in the city. When they all mentioned the ballot, she read a resolution authorizing a referendum of whether medical marijuana should be allowed in the city.

Jenna LeCount gave Florence council an update on the 2045 comprehensive plan. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer)

Council will be given another resolution at a later time which will specify the language that will be on the ballot. Hunt said the state would like the language to be the same on all of the ballots, so that there is no confusion.

Jenna LeCount, Director of Community Development Services at the Boone County Planning Commission, came to the council meeting to give the initial presentation of the 2045 Comprehensive Plan. This plan is updated every 5 years. The older plan is always evaluated by a five member long range planning committee, and that evaluation started last year.

Florence, Union, Walton, and Boone County will have presentations on the plan so that the planning commission can establish a countywide consensus. There have already been five public hearings on the plan. People who would like to comment on the plan can contact the Planning Commission at 859-334-2196, or at


Edgewood Mayor John Link officially transferred the police chief badge to Jimmy Kreinest who has taken over as Chief of Police. He received the badge while his wife and children looked on.

Link also administered the oath of office to Clayton Dunaway, who is on the streets as an officer, but will attend the Police Academy later in the year.


Boone County Commissioners passed the second reading of an ordinance prohibiting medical cannabis in the county. Two residents spoke on the issue, one in favor of medical cannabis and one against it. Judge Executive Gary Moore said he voted to prohibit it until there is more information. Commissioner Chet Hand also wanted more information, and he asked County Administrator Matthew Webster if he could find any more information, even though he voted for the ordinance.

Lori Zombek, retiring. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer)

Director of Community Development Services Jenna LeCount came to the meeting to follow up on the presentation she made about the 2045 Comprehensive Plan to the court on June 6. She wanted to know if the court had any questions for her, and if they were ready to adopt the plan.

The commissioners did have some suggestions however. Chet Hand said that he preferred to give his suggestions in writing so that there is no misunderstanding of what he was saying.

County Administrator Webster suggested that the commissioners write out their suggestions for changes, and submit them to him by July 5, and he will correlate the suggestions and compile them to discuss at the next meeting.

A resolution passed which amends the license fee on the U Drive It vehicles. The rule was set by the Kentucky Legislature a year ago, and Lyft pays the fee, but Uber does not. The legislature tightened up the rule this year, so this resolution aligns with the state rules, and fixes it so that all companies will have to comply with the law to pay the fee.

This was the last meeting for Human Resources Director Lori Zombeck, who is retiring.


Ft. Wright Mayor Dave Hatter administers oath of office to new police officers. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer)

Ft. Wright Mayor Dave Hatter administered the oath of office to three members of the police force Wednesday evening at a special meeting held before the regular caucus meeting.

Captain Jonathan Colwell has taken over from Chief Ed Butler as the new Police Chief. Colwell is a 12 -ear veteran of the Ft. Wright force and has worked his way up through the ranks.

Sergeant Rob Griffin was promoted to Captain. He is a nine-year veteran of the force.

Officer Nick VonHandorf was promoted to Sergeant. VonHandorf has spent 9 years in Law Enforcement.

All three had their families available to share in their achievement.

When Chief Butler was hired in 2020 the goal was to position the department to grow and develop, and this is the result of that plan.

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