Letters to Editor: Col Owen says ‘take part’; Janet Hackman touts Inflation Reduction Act

Take part in governance

It was a very moving day, with all the attention on the 80th remembrance of D-Day at Normandy, and the succeeding battles for the preservation of freedom and democracy.

I must confess, I was never so imbued with appreciation for the reality of that day until I saw the film “Saving Private Ryan.” Anyone who has sat through the first 20 minutes of that film has an indelible picture of that day that will never be erased.

It is impossible to hear the speeches praising what that generation of 18 – 20 year olds did, without shifting focus to our own day – to the conflict in Ukraine against a totalitarian aggressor; and in our own country, to the conflict playing out with a candidate promising a dictatorship, termination of our Constitution, criminal prosecution of his enemies, and many more efforts to replace our democratic institutions with totalitarianism.

As were our predecessors in the 1940’s, we have been brought by history face to face with forces that must be resisted. We are fortunate that we are not on a beach in Normandy facing awful odds of survival. We are fortunate to be able to live in our homes and communities and to carry out our lives.

But it is up to us to do things, things that do not pose life and death choices. At least not immediately.  To take part in governance – to communicate with our officials, to take part in the debate.

And most importantly of all – to vote.

We owe a monumental debt to those young souls of 1944, so many of whom did not survive. We owe it to them – to ourselves – and to our fellow citizens – to do those things that will help insure their dream is achieved – that we remain free.

Col Owens
Fort Mitchell 

Reminder about the Inflation Reduction Act

This Act was passed two years ago so it may not be top of mind to everyone at this point. As a reminder, it is still in effect for another 8 years. Don’t let this cost saving opportunity pass you by.

If you find yourself in need of new windows, an air conditioner or heating unit or a clothes dryer, tax credits are available when purchasing an energy-efficient product. Many of these products also offer up-front discounts.

These tax credits and discounts are also offered for insulation, electric wiring, electric induction stoves, new and used electric vehicles, EV chargers, solar panels plus other energy saving vehicles.

To find more information about this, you can go to cclusa.org/IRA. There is also an IRA Saving Calculator, which can be found through this link: rewiringamerica.org/app/ira-calculator.

Janet Hackman
Highland Heights

2 thoughts on “Letters to Editor: Col Owen says ‘take part’; Janet Hackman touts Inflation Reduction Act

  1. RE: Inflation Reduction Act . . .
    Inflation is, by definition caused by an influx of dollars to an economy, which devalues that money. So our politicians in all their “wisdom” decided that we needed to inject MORE dollars into the economy by way of tax credits to stop inflation? As any econ-101 or macro-101 student can tell you: That is the opposite of reducing inflation. And that is the opposite of helping our economy.

  2. Thanks for the links and information about the tax credits and discounts. We are looking at some improvements to our house this summer and it is helpful to understand what could receive a credit or discount! And I am sure the companies and their employees we are working with will appreciate the business while we can in turn move towards a more energy efficient home.

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