Ark Encounter announces return of ’40 Days & 40 Nights’ of Christian music

For the fourth year in a row, the world’s largest Christian music festival returns to the Ark Encounter, July 30-September 7, in Williamstown.

“40 Days & 40 Nights of Christian Music” will feature more than 150 music artists, playing a variety of music styles. The festival’s 40 days, 40 nights name is a nod to Genesis 7:4 and the number of days it rained during Noah’s Flood.

The group Cain will return to 40/40 (Photo provided)

The award-winning group Cain, best known for the hit song “Rise Up,” and popular singer Crowder will be top highlights at the themed attraction south of Cincinnati. The Grammy Award-winning group Casting Crowns will close out the festival.

Abraham Productions has organized these multiple concerts Monday through Saturday at 4 p.m. daily. A special music and praise service will be held each Sunday, also at 4 p.m.

Concert attendance is free with regular admission to the Ark Encounter for that day.

The musical roster features artists who will perform Contemporary Christian, Worship, Southern Gospel, Country and Bluegrass Gospel, Inspirational, and other musical styles over 40 days and nights at the attraction’s huge 2,200-seat Answers Center. Musical performances will also be held at the Creation Museum, 45 minutes away in Petersburg, on Wednesdays and Thursdays mornings at 10:45 a.m. (free with museum admission that day).

In addition, outdoor concerts will be held during the day at Noah’s Village at the Ark Encounter, Monday–Saturday, with the main-event concerts at 4 p.m. in the Answers Center. On Sundays at 4 p.m., the Ark’s resident artists TrueSong will lead a special worship time along with speakers from Answers in Genesis, operators of the Ark and museum.

Music artists and groups include:

• Cain
• Casting Crowns
• Crowder
• Mac Powell
• The Isaacs
• Triumphant
•  Inspirations
• Karen Peck and New River
• TrueSong (the Ark’s resident artists)

And dozens and dozens more.

For a full lineup of artist by date go to

Music enthusiasts will also hear from speakers such as Ark founder and popular speaker Ken Ham, plus dynamic speaker Ray Flynn, President/CEO of Abraham Productions and other guest speakers.

Cain said, “We’re coming to the number one Christian attraction in America. The Ark is amazing and we want you to join us for this incredible event.”

The Ark Encounter attracts more than one million guests a year.

“Millions of people across America love the various styles of Christian music we offer,” Ham said. “Abraham Productions, the Ark Encounter, and the Creation Museum present a unique combination of award-winning groups.

The Ark Encounter will host 40 days/nights of music, a festival that attracts thousands of visitors each day. (Photo provided)

“The Ark and Creation Museum are the top family friendly Christian destinations in America. Festival goers can tour the life-size Ark, explore the beautiful grounds, take their children or grandchildren to the playground and large carousel, and meet the zoo animals.”

Abraham Productions is known for producing large Christian music events, such as “Singing in the Sun,” a 6-day event with 30 major artists and national speakers, held in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and also co-hosts the musical cruise experience, “Crystal Caribbean Christian Cruise.”

Daily admission to the Ark Encounter gives free access to all the concerts and speakers that day and allows guests to explore the Ark. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, concerts are free to Creation Museum ticketholders for the musical events held there.

What’s New at the Ark

This week, the Ark Encounter launches the Macropod Experience. The zoo’s Macropods (animals with big feet), the red kangaroos, and Bennett’s wallabies can be enjoyed up close in a behind-the-scenes experience.

Tickets are limited, with portions of the proceeds going to the humanitarian group, Samaritan’s Purse, for its work in Oceania.

Guests can feed and touch these remarkable creatures and take photos with them.

Also at the growing zoo, guests can now observe giant anteaters (they grow up to seven feet long) and a stunning green anaconda (growing up to 10 feet long).

Admission prices, discounts, hotel options and additional details are available at

Tickets can be purchased through or by calling the Ark Encounter at 800-721-2298.

The “40 Days & 40 Nights” music festival at the Ark is sponsored by the Museum of the Bible, along with IllumiNations12 VC, Destiny Rescue, Singing News, and Singing at Sea and is produced by Abraham Productions.

At 510 feet long, the Ark is the largest timber-frame structure in the world. Built according to the dimensions in the Bible, the Ark features three decks of striking teaching exhibits. Nearby is the high-tech VR Experience.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics (i.e., Christianity-defending) ministry based in Northern Kentucky. For more information on the two attractions, visit and

AiG will be opening attractions in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and Branson, Mo., in the spring of 2025.

Answers in Genesis

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