Covington to begin summer street cleaning July 8; vehicle owners must move cars to avoid ticketing

To keep neighborhood streets looking clean and to keep rain from washing trash and debris into storm sewers, Covington’s Public Works Department will start its annual summer sweeping of residential streets on Monday, July 8.

As usual, how well the streets get cleaned will depend on residents moving their cars (to the other side of the street, into their driveways, around the block) so the street sweeper can operate.

Every car left on the street will directly cause that much more trash to be left behind, that much more dirt to be left to lodge in crevices and sprout weeds, and that much more debris left to wash into storm water catch basins and cause backups, said Troy McCain, supervisor of Public Works’ General Maintenance Division.

(Photo from City of Covington)

“We regularly sweep streets in our neighborhoods for many reasons,” McCain said. “One, they just look better. And two, keeping curb lines, gutters, and streets clean of debris and keeping that debris out of our storm system helps our infrastructure last longer and function better.”

The “summer cleaning” of residential streets will run until Aug. 29, with each street swept over a two-day period (one side of the street done each day). On-street parking on the affected side of the street is restricted on its assigned day.

Vehicle owners also risk getting a ticket. Fortunately, they have two ways to find out the day they need to move their car:

Online: To find out when crews will be on your street (and more specifically, on your side of your street), click street sweeping schedule and type in your address. Note you’ll be given two dates: One corresponds to the north or east sides of the street, and one to the south or west sides (depending on how your street is oriented).

Signs: Signs will be posted on the business day before in residential areas. (Streets in the commercial district that are swept weekly have permanent signage.)

Car owners who expect to be on vacation during the next two months should check their street’s dates ahead of time to keep from interfering with the sweeping — and avoid getting a ticket.

For more information about Public Works’ street cleaning program, see Street Sweeping.

Residents who have questions, comments, or concerns about the street-sweeping process should reach out to Public Works at 859-292-2292. Anybody with a parking enforcement issue or ticketing concern should reach out to City contractor ABM Parking Services at 859-431-7049.

City of Covington

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