Election 2016: Republicans take majority in both state chambers; Stumbo loses; voter turnout nearly 60%

The big news for Election 2016 is that Republicans now have majorities in both the Kentucky House of Representatives and the Senate.

The other big news is that voter turnout was nearly 60%.

Long-time powerhouse Rep. Greg Stumbo, democrat Speaker of the House, lost his race to newcomer Larry Brown. Stumbo had served in the House for more than 30 years. Democrats had held a majority of the House since 1921.

A number of key Democrats in eastern Kentucky fell to their Republican opponents.

Larry Brown
Larry Brown

In the U.S. Senate race Republican incumbent Rand Paul (57%) won handily over his Democrat challenger, Lexington Mayor Jim Gray (42%).

In U.S. House races Republican incumbent Andy Barr (61%) prevailed over Democrat challenger, Nancy Jo Kemper (38%); Republican incumbent Thomas Massie (71%) held his seat against challenger, Democrat Calvin Sidle (28%); former state Agriculture Commissioner James Comer (72%) defeated Democrat opponent Samuel Gaskins (27%); and Democrat incumbent John Yarmuth defeated Republican challenger Harold Bratcher.

17th District’s incumbent Senator, Damon Thayer (67%) easily held onto his seat despite a challenge by Democrat Charlie Hoffman (32%).

“Tonight is a great night for the Commonwealth of Kentucky,” said U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell. “I want to congratulate my friend and Senate colleague, Rand Paul, for his resounding victory. I congratulate all of my Republican Congressional colleagues for their victories across the state, and I’m pleased to welcome Jamie Comer, the newest member of Kentucky’s Congressional Delegation. In a particular way, I want to thank our many talented Kentucky state House and Senate Republican candidates.

“Until tonight, Kentucky was the last state in the South with at least one legislative chamber under Democratic control. No longer. By winning the state House, and holding onto the state Senate, a Republican state legislature can work with Governor Bevin to truly move our state forward and enact many long-needed, common-sense reforms that will greatly benefit all Kentuckians. This is a historic win that will soon be felt throughout the Bluegrass State.”

Statewide, Republican Donald Trump took 62.5% of the vote to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 32.7% to take Kentucky’s electoral votes.

State House of Representatives

Top Toss-up Races

District 7 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Joy Gray                 7,750
R Rep. Suzanne Miles            13,289

District 8 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. Jeff Taylor	        6,103
R Walker Thomas                 6,577

District 12 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Jim Townsend             8,059
R Rep. Jim Gooch                12,711

District 14 -Precent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. Tommy Thompson      7,775
R Matt Castlen                  13,554

District 16 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. Martha Jane King    5,262
R Jason Petrie                  10,119

District 23 -Percent Reporting: 4%
Open Seat

D Danny Basil              465
R Steve Riley                   792

District 24 -Percent Reporting: 95%

D Rep. Terry Milla         8,763
R Brandon Reed                  9,865

District 38 -Precent Reporting: 91%

D McKenzie Cantrell        7,474
R Rep. Denny Butler             7,264

District 62 -Precent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. Chuck Tackett       9,288
R Phillip Pratt                 12,662

District 74 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D James Davis              8,182
R Rep. David Hale               10,894

District 84 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. Fitz Steele         6,012
R Chris Fugate                  10,278

District 91 -Precent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. Cluster Howard      6,928
R Toby Herald                   8,650

District 92 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Rep. John Short          7,287
R John Blanton                  7,745

District 94 -Percent Reporting: 100%
Open Seat

D Angie Hatton             8,393
R Frankie Justice               8,153

District 95 -Percent Reporting: 98%

D Rep. Greg Stumbo         7,873
R Larry Brown                   8,903

Supreme Court

Percent Reporting: 99%

Glenn Acree                62,510
Larry VanMeter                  178,377

US Senate

Percent Reporting: 98%

D Jim Gray                 797,605
R Sen. Rand Paul                1,064,247

US House

District 1 -Percent Reporting: 99%
Open Seat

D Samuel L. Gaskins        80,644
R James R. Comer                215,270

District 3 -Percent Reporting: 99%

D Rep. John Yarmuth        209,972
R Harold Bratcher               120,787

District 4 -Percent Reporting: 99%

D Calvin Sidle             94,064
R Rep, Thomas Massie            233,922

District 6 -Percent Reporting: 100%

D Nancy Jo Kemper          128,760
R Andy Barr                     202,093

For complete state results go to Kentucky State Board of Elections results.

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