Road report: KYTC District 6 reports work underway on the region’s roadways this week

KYTC District 6 social reports the latest updates on the region’s roadways this week, subject to weather conditions. Be alert for delays and closings.


​VARIOUS ROUTES: Districtwide striping is underway. Contractors will be striping various routes within the district: Boone, Bracken, Campbell, Carroll, Gallatin, Grant, Harrison, Kenton, Owen, Pendleton, and Robertson. Most work will occur during daytime working hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Routes with higher traffic volume will be completed during nights or weekends to minimize traffic impacts.

Contractors are currently striping in: Bracken, Pendleton, Campbell, Kenton, and Boone.

Interstate routes will be completed first followed by primary state routes then secondary routes. Striping is a slow-moving mobile operation. Motorists should slow down and expect slow moving traffic in mobile work zones. Please avoid driving over fresh, wet paint. The project has a completion date of late August 2023.

I-471 Resurfacing Update (Week of Monday, July 31):

Monday, July 31 and Tuesday, August 1: Northbound I-471 — south of US 27 (Alexandria Pike) at mile point 1.3, to north of (KY 1892) Grand Avenue at mile point 3.5.
8 p.m.: single left lane closure.
11 p.m.: traffic reduced to one lane.
Monday, July 31:
8 p.m. to 5 a.m.: On-Ramp from US 27 to I-471 Northbound will be closed.
Wednesday, August 2 and Thursday, August 3: Southbound I-471 — south of KY 8X (Bellevue) at mile point 4.5, to north of US 27 (Alexandria Pike) at mile point 2.3
8 p.m.: single left lane closure.
11 p.m.: traffic reduced to one lane.

NOTE: All lanes/ramps will reopen to traffic at 5 a.m. These dates/times are weather permitting. KYTC will advise if any delays are incurred due to inclement weather.


KY 536 (Mt. Zion Road) Corridor 13.2 – 14.7/ 0 – 1 mile-marker – The road is being widened from two to four lanes between U.S. 25 (Dixie Highway) and KY 1303 (Turkeyfoot Road). Watch for flaggers and a single lane closure in the work zone.

Two roundabouts will be built — at the intersection of Mt. Zion and Sigmon Lane and on Mt. Zion Road approximately one-third of a mile west of Turkeyfoot Road.

Project completion is the end of 2023.


U.S. 27 (0 – 1 mile-marker) – A safety improvement project is in progress on U.S. 27. Construction will focus on three areas: the KY 177 intersection (17.1-17.5 marker ) going northbound to just past KY 3162 (Lock Road) intersection, the Boss Dunaway Road intersection (19 milepost) in northern Pendleton County and the intersection of Plum Creek Church Road (1 milepost) in southern Campbell County. Motorists should be aware of crews and lane closures in the work zone areas. This project has an estimated completion date of Summer 2023.​​


​Interstate 71 Northbound/Southbound 38.82 – 59.86 mile points – Work is underway on an emergency maintenance project, addressing base failures, milling and resurfacing on portions of I-71. This work will require overnight single lane closures from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. All lanes will remain open, in both directions, during daytime hours. Crews will be working Sunday through Thursday.​

This project is currently on Phase 2. Phase 1 is now complete.​​

Phase 2: north of the Carrollton exit (44.54 mile point) to the 59.86 mile point — about two miles north of the Sparta/Warsaw exit. Crews started on the right northbound lane in the project area. Once completed, they’ll switch over to the right southbound lane. They’ll then repeat the process on the left lane northbound, and then southbound.

Phase 3: this phase will address surface level milling and patching in the project area. KYTC will advise motorists of any upcoming lane closures once this phase is scheduled.

The target completion date is set for October 2023.


Interstate 75 Northbound – 164-169.4 mile points – A resurfacing project is underway on I-75 northbound from one mile south of the Crittenden exit to the Boone/Kenton Co. line. Crews will be working on pavement repairs and resurfacing, drainage repairs, guardrail work, cross slope correction and erosion repairs. Motorists should expect northbound traffic to be down to two lanes in the project area during daytime hours. Through the end of June, crews will work overnight on this project, and will require northbound traffic to be down to one lane. Two lanes of traffic will reopen the following morning. Ramp modifications are in place at the Crittenden exit on-ramp to I-75 northbound requiring a faster merge. Motorists are advised to drive carefully on the ramp and through/near the work zone.

Work on the northbound lanes of I-75 is expected to take place through the end of 2023. In 2024, crews will address any remaining work on northbound lanes, and then switch to southbound lanes in the same project area. This project is expected to be completed by November 2024.


KY 536 (Hathaway Road) 9.2 – 9.6 mile point – a widening project on KY 536 from Spruce Lane to Canoe Drive is in progress. Crews will be working from 9 a.m. t​o 3 p.m. to provide a new access point to the Ballyshannon subdivision. Temporary traffic signals have been installed at both ends of the work zone to direct traffic. The signals will be in operation 24/7.​ This project has a completion date of October 2023.

KY 3060 (Frogtown Road) 1.4 – 2.03 mile points – A safety improvement project on KY 3060 from Donora Drive to Station Lane is in progress. Crews will be working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on a project to straighten the curve east of Triple Crown Blvd., improve sight distan​​ce, improve drainage by adding culverts, and resurface the road in the project area. Daytime single lane closures will be in place. Flaggers will be in place on both ends of the construction site to guide traffic safely through the work zone. This project has a completion date of November 2023.

KY 237 (Pleasant Valley Road) 2.26 – 5.298 mile points – Corrective work is in progress on KY 237 from Valleyview ​Drive to Rogers Lane. There will be single lane closures in place during the working hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction as crews work during daytime hours. This work will be completed by mid-August.

KY 236 (Donaldson Highway) 0.0 – 1.6 mile-marker – A widening and safety improvement project on KY 236 (Donaldson Highway) between KY 842 (Houston Road) and KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) is in progress. The project will widen the 2-mile stretch of road to five lanes with curb and gutter, including two through-lanes in each direction with a center turn lane. A sidewalk and multiuse path also will be added. The project has a completion date of September 2025.

KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) 0.0 – 0.9 mile-marker – A widening and improvement project on KY 3076 (Mineola Pike) is in progress. A new traffic diversion is in place on Mineola Pike. The two-lane traffic diversion runs south of the existing Mineola Pike from Olympic Boulevard to Circleport Drive. The traffic diversion will be in place for 3-4 months.

The project will widen the road to 5-lanes and add a sidewalk on the southside of the road and a multiuse path on the northside. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained throughout the project. Motorists should watch for crews and equipment in the work zone. This project has a estimated completion date of October 2023.

I-71/75 SB and NB (178 – 169.4 mile-marker) – A resurfacing project is in progress on a 6-mile section between Mt. Zion Rd (KY 536) interchange and the I-71/75 split in Walton, KY. In addition, an approximately 3-mile section of I-75 will be repaved between the split and the Boone/Kenton County line. This project is estimated to be complete by Summer 2023.

KY 536 (Mt Zion Road) Double Crossover Diamond (DCD) interchange – Construction is in progress between Tiburon Drive and US 25 (Dixie Highway). Construction will continue through 2023, weather permitting.

U.S. 25 Dixie Highway SPUI – The U.S. 25 Dixie Highway/Richwood Road SPUI is NOW OPEN.

​KY 338 (Richwood Road) Double Crossover Diamond (DCD) interchange – Even though the new interchange pattern is now in place there will still be heavy construction activity happening throughout the project area until the end of 2023.


KY 1951 (South of Snag Creek Road) 2.44 mile marker – KY 1951 has been closed at Snag Creek. The road will be closed to through traffic until further notice to repair the bridge. Please take alternate route.

KY 8 (Mary Ingles Highway W) 3.59 – 13.95 mile-marker – A safety improvement project on KY 8 from Willow Creek Road to Big Bracken Creek bridge just east of KY 19 is in progress. Motorists should expect traffic impacts during different phases of construction within the project limits. This project has a completion date of October 31, 2023.


​I-471 Northbound/Southbound) – 0.0 – 4.75 mile point – A resurfacing project is underway. This project will include resurfacing I-471 northbound and southbound, exit on/off ramps, the ramps from I-275 to I-471, and a small portion of KY 471 on the southern end of the project. This will entail overnight and weekend lane closures. Weekend work is expected to begin Friday, August 11.

Lane closures will be permitted during the following times:
On I-471 Northbound/Southbound:

Weekdays: single lane closures between 8 p.m. and 5 a.m. Traffic may be reduced to one lane beginning at 11 p.m. All lanes must reopen by 5 a.m.
Weekends: beginning Friday at 8 p.m. through Monday at 5 a.m., traffic in a single direction of I-471 may be reduced to one lane.

Only one closure in a single direction may be in place at any time.

Exit Ramps: All work on two-lane ramps will be performed using part-width construction while maintaining one lane of traffic.

Single lane closures on two lane ramps can take place between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Overnight single lane ramps may be closed between 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. No two ramps in the same direction will be closed the same evening.

KYTC will advise motorists ahead of any exit ramp closures. Two-way traffic will be maintained during the entirety of the project. No lane/ramp closures will be permitted during the Labor Day holiday weekend.

​KY 1566 (Oneonta Road) – 1.6 mile point – KY 1566 near the Slab Run Crossing IS NOW OPEN. KYTC crews completed repairs and removed debris after flooding/high waters in the area from several days of rain. However, on Monday, July 31, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. this section will be temporarily closed at the crossing for blacktop work but will re-open once the work is complete.​

U.S. 27 (Alexandria Pike) – 16.33 – 16.51 mile point – There is a single lane closure for a widening project on U.S. 27. Crews will be widening U.S. 27 from Johns Hill Road to Marshall Lane to three lanes.

U.S. 27 has been reduced to one lane in each direction for crews to install traffic devices, and new striping. One lane of traffic will be maintained at all times. Tuesday, May 16 beginning at 7 a.m., U.S. 27 southbound traffic will be maintained with two lanes of traffic. Northbound traffic will resume its three lane traffic pattern. This will be in place throughout the entirety of the project.

The following closures will also be in place for the duration of the project: Marshall Lane between U.S. 27 and Bluegrass Drive. Alexandria Way between U.S. 27 and Elblaine Drive. Bluegrass Drive Connector (between Applebees/Walgreens) will be closed at U.S. 27. Detour: Local traffic can take Johns Hill Road to Bluegrass Drive on the western portion of the project. On the eastern portion, motorists can use the southern entrance of Alexandria Way.

Sidewalk detour: U.S. 27 southbound, west on Marshall Lane, south on Bluegrass Drive, east on Bluegrass Connector, and back on U.S. 27 southbound.

KY 1120 (North/South Fort Thomas Avenue) – 3.8 – 5.8 mile point – a resurfacing project on KY 1120 beginning near Highlands High School to U.S. 27 is in progress. Base failure repairs are now complete. Crews have began milling and paving, this work will continue for the next couple of weeks. A single lane closure will take place from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. One lane in each direction will be maintained at all times. Flaggers will be used for traffic control through the work zone. This project has a completion date of mid-August.

KY 2924 (Tollgate Road) 1.8 mile point – There will be a temporary road closure on KY 2924 to allow KYTC crews to complete a shoulder reinforcement project. Crews will be on-site through Friday, Aug. 4 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. The road will be closed during working hours. Motorists should seek an alternate route during the closure.

During working hours, residents living south of 7565 Tollgate Road will have access to KY 2924 from U.S. 27 (Alexandria Pike). Residents living north of 7565 Tollgate Road will have access to KY 2924 from KY 915 (Licking Pike).​​


I-71 SB/NB (59.9 – 69.9 mile-marker) – A resurfacing project is in progress on a section of interstate between the Boone County line and KY 35 near the Kentucky Speedway. Work days are Sunday night through Friday morning, weather permitting. Motorists should watch for lane closures and crews in both directions during the project. This project has an anticipated completion date of Summer 2023.

I-71 Southbound: Crews will be working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and then continuing overnight from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. One lane will be closed while those crews continue resurfacing work and other tasks along the project area.

U.S. 42 (3.1 – 4.6 mile-marker) – Crews may need to close one lane of traffic at a time as those crews continue working on a landslide repair project. A flagger would be used to direct traffic during these times. Despite the partial reopening, commercial vehicle traffic will remain prohibited on this stretch of U.S. 42 while road crews continue to finish the project. A signed detour will be in place to direct commercial vehicles onto KY 1039 to I-71 to KY 35. The expected completition date of the project is November 2023.


I-75 Southbound (145.5 – 151.1 mile-marker)/Northbound (148 – 150 mile-marker) – Road repairs are in progress on I-75 between the Williamstown and Corinth exits. All lanes are now open in both directions. Weather permitting, contractors will be installing inlaid paveme​nt markers and permanent striping starting the week of June 19. This project has a completion date of late July.


​KY 3003 (Beaver Baptist Road) – 2.5 – 2.6 mile point – a bridge replacement project is underway, requiring a road closure until the project is completed. The project includes removing the existing bridge deck and beams, setting new concrete beams, and pouring a new deck. The project has a completion date of August 1.

DETOUR: for properties south of the bridge closure – take U.S. 62 to KY 3003. For properties north of the bridge closure – take U.S. 62 to Smitsonville Road. ​

Signage is in place to warn motorists of the upcoming road work, and detours.​​​


​KY 1829 (Richardson Road) –​ 1.26 – 2.225 mile points – ​A daytime single lane closure is part of an ongoing safety improvement project. Richardson Road will be down to one lane between the working hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. from Bramblewood Drive to Circlewood Drive. Flaggers will be in place to guide traffic safely through the work zone. Crews will focus on ditching/shouldering, replacing guardrail, and replacing culverts to improve drainage. The project is expected to be completed by October 15, 2023.

KY 3716 (Taylor Mill Road) – 1.78 – 4.592 mile points – ​This resurfacing project is now complete. Watch for construction personnel ​as they work to finalize striping and misce​llaneous work in the project limits.

KY 17 (Madison Pike) – mile point 17.759 – Crews are working on constructing a new driveway and turn lanes for a proposed church. Lane closures will be in place while crews are working from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily. The project is expected to be completed by late August.

KY 16 (Winston Avenue) – 13.85 – 14.5 mile points – Corrective patching is now complete. Crews will return next week to restrip the patched areas. This project will take place between Promontory Drive and East 42nd Street. Two-way traffic will be maintained. Expect single lane closures through the project area from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. This project is expected to be completed by August 4.​

U.S. 25 (4.9 mile-marker) – A widening project on U.S. 25 just south of Walton is in progress. The project is to provide access to the Walton Industrial Development. Guardrail will be installed the week of July 24 along with removing the barrier wall. Milling and paving will begin the following week. Be aware of construction activities, equipment, construction personnel, lane shifts, and slowed traffic. This work will continue until October 2023.​​​

KY 1501 (Hands Pike) – Construction on a new, two-lane road that will realign Hands Pike from the KY 17 (Madison Pike) an​d KY 3035 (Old Madison Pike) intersection to Crystal Lake Drive is in progress. The new KY 1501 (Hands Pike) alignment is open to traffic as construction progress continues. This project has a Summer 2023 completion date.

KY 3035 (Old Madison Pike) is closed to through traffic between new KY 1501 and Waymans Branch (Old KY 1501). Please use KY 17 to Waymans Branch (Old KY 1501) to KY 3035 as a detour.


KY 22 (Owenton-Crittenden Road) – 11.05 – 15.59 mile points – single lane closures will be in place beginning Monday, May 15 between KY 227 and KY 845 to allow crews to work on clearing and grubbing ahead of a safety improvement project. Temporary single lane closures may be required while crews are present. When these lane closures are in ​place, flaggers will guide traffic through the work zone. Crews have begun earthwork on the project. Motorists should expect temporary lane closures through December 2023.

Temporary traffic signals have been installed within the project limits to allow contractors to clear a landslide. The first signal is installed at Lyons Road and the second is installed near KY 845 (Eden Shale Road). (15.3 to 15.6 mile points)


Expect the unexpected.

Slow down.

Don’t tailgate. Keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead of you.

Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the construction workers and equipment.

Pay attention to the signs in a construction zone.

Obey road crew flaggers.

Stay alert and minimize distractions.

Keep up with the traffic flow.

Navigate traffic with GoKY, TRIMARC, or via Waze on your smartphone!

Check our social media to plan ahead before your travels on Facebook or Twitter.

Knowing where the construction zones are prior to the trip can minimize frustration and delays.

Be patient and stay calm.

KYTC District 6

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