KYTC reminding drivers to be vigilant of school buses, children as back-to-school time arrives

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

It’s back to school time, and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) urges all motorists to exercise extreme caution while driving through school zones and be extra vigilant of school buses and children.

With schools reopening, this means increased pedestrian activity and school bus traffic. “Those first days can be difficult to navigate as drivers transition back into school routines,” says Chief District Highway Engineer Mary Westfall-Holbrook, for the Transportation Cabinet office in Pikeville. “We must work together and stay alert in our school zones.”

Be on the lookout for children coming on and off school buses in the coming days. (File photo from Kentucky Today)

KYTC officials offer this advice to all drivers:

• Observe School Zone Speed Limits: Reduced speed limits are enforced in designated school zones to safeguard students crossing roads or walking to and from school. Drivers must adhere to these reduced speed limits to avoid accidents and potential harm to children.

• Stop for School Buses: It is critical to remember that state laws mandate drivers to stop when a school bus has activated its stop sign and flashing red lights, indicating that children are boarding or disembarking. Disregarding this law poses a significant risk to young lives.

• Stay Alert and Avoid Distractions: Always pay full attention to the road and avoid distractions such as mobile phones, eating, or other activities that take your focus away from driving. A split-second distraction can have life-altering consequences.

• Lookout for Pedestrians: Be watchful for children walking or biking to school, especially at crosswalks and intersections. Y ield the right-of-way to pedestrians and never pass other vehicles stopped at a crosswalk.

• Plan Your Routes and Commute Time: Keep in mind that school zones may cause traffic congestion during pick-up and drop-off times. Allow extra time for your journey and remain patient to avoid rushing and reckless driving.

• Educate Young Passengers: If you are a parent or guardian driving children to school, remind them of proper road safety rules, including the importance of using seat belts and staying inside the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop.

The Cabinet adds, “Let’s work together to create a safe and supportive environment for all. Remember, responsible driving saves lives.”

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