Covington Latin School to mark its Centennial today with Day of Service, aiming for 1923 service hours

Covington Latin School (CLS), a proud institution with a century of excellence in education, is set to celebrate its Centennial today with a Day of Service that will bring together students, faculty, parents, and alumni for a day filled with community engagement and goodwill.

The event is anticipated to father proclamations from Covington Mayor Joe Meyer, Kenton Co. Judge Executive Kris Knochelman, and KY State Senator Chris McDaniel, emphasizing the school’s deep-rooted commitment to service and the community.

In honor of its founding year in 1923, CLS has set an ambitious goal for this special day – 1923 hours of service.

Covington Latin (file photo)

Throughout the day, participants will spread out across Covington, lending a helping hand to various local organizations, parishes, and neighborhoods. This day not only highlights CLS’s remarkable academic legacy but also its dedication to fostering responsible and compassionate citizens who actively contribute to the betterment of society.

The Centennial Day of Service is a testament to Covington Latin School’s timeless motto, “Teach me goodness, discipline, and knowledge,” and its enduring commitment to education and community.

The Day of Service showcases the power of unity and the positive impact a school can have on its surroundings.

CLS invites all members of the community to join in this celebration of service.

Covington Latin School offers a unique program for academically gifted and talented students in the tri-state area. As its central purpose over the last 100 years, CLS aims to form Christian leaders by challenging its students to attain their academic, intellectual, social, and moral potential. The Covington Latin School’s vision is to invite gifted students to achieve their full potential through rigorous Catholic education, preparing them to exceed their own expectations and provide the world with their unique talents.

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