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Dr. Susan Bushelman’s Derm Aesthetics opens in Florence, offering help for skin issues

By Patricia A. Scheyer
NKyTribune reporter

Dr. Susan Bushelman would like people to realize their dreams of looking their best all the time. That’s why she has opened Derm Aesthetics at 8275 Ewing Boulevard, right down the street from her medical practice Derm Associates, where she and her associate doctors see people regularly for any skin conditions.

“People always ask me about what they can do about certain issues with their skin,” Bushelman said. “Some things are medical, but others are cosmetic, and at Derm Aesthetics we can address those issues.”

Dr. Susan Bushelman cuts the ribbon on Derm Aesthetics. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer/NKyTribune)

Dr. Bushelman is a Board Certified Dermatologist and Medical Director.

Derm Aesthetics can help with injectables such as Botox and Xeomin, Dermal Filler, Sclerotherapy for leg veins, Ultrasound modalities, Radio Frequency, Laser technology, which includes broad band light, erbium skin reurfacing or ablative laser, Tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and halo laser for skin resurfacing.

They also do chemical peels, skin resurfacing, skin treatments, skin tightening and skin lifting, dermal lesions, hair loss, brow lift, eyelid rejuvenation, lip and mouth enhancement, fat reduction, neck, chest and hands treatment, and medical skincare.

The new building has a very calming vibe, with white and gold interior. There are state of the art lasers and other equipment, as well as a room for patients for relaxation during treatment. They have 8 treatment rooms.

“For patient continuity, we expanded,” said Jennifer Scheel, Aesthetic Services Manager. “People tend to think of cosmetics as very black and white, it’s botox and filler, and that’s part of it, but that’s not really who we are. We do that, and we do it well. But there are so many things like with hair loss and with laser treatments, scarring, that we are, quote, considered cosmetic that we can take of. So we are certainly servicing a need for the patients that the other providers want to provide for the patients but they can’t.”

Dr. Bushelman and Aesthetics Director Jennifer Scheel show off the interior of the company. (Photo by Patricia Scheyer/NKyTribune)

She said they had a patient in the other day with scarring, so she got on the phone with the Physician’s Assistant at the other office, getting a fuller picture, and trying to find out what they can do for this patient. She said they have a toolbox and and the other providers have a toolbox, so they are collaborative for the good of the patient.

“We reach a larger population,” she said. “We are not just botox and filler.”

Dr. Bushelman said sometimes they can’t really separate the two, as in cases of rosacea or diseases that cause certain conditions, and many times it is a fine line of what is medical and what is cosmetic.

Initially, she said, they thought of having a complimentary business, like a plastic surgeon, or something that would compliment their business, in the other half of the building, since they only occupy half of the building, but they haven’t decided yet, since it is early days. Still, the half they occupy is so much better than the three rooms that they had at the Derm Associates.

“If there are really great treatments that come out, we can move quickly and initiate new procedures faster than larger practices,” said Bushelman.

Case in point is the Platelet Rich Fibrin, which is where they draw blood from the patient and separate the fibrin from the blood.

“There are growth factors and your own stem cells in the fibrin,” said Bushelman. “So we can inject it into the scalp for hair loss, or the face for rejuvenation, or if there is a wound, it can be injected for quicker healing.”

Bushelman’s whole goal in setting up this practice is to provide superior cosmetic services to the community.

“A minimum of half of the patients we see have some cosmetic concerns,” she explained. “Maybe as simple as what sunscreen should I be using, or what products should I be using on my face. We can also provide medical grade products, and we can tailor them so that people can look and feel their best. I mean, we fix our hair when we go out, and put on makeup, so every person would like to look good and feel good about themselves. We want you to be the best you you can be.”

A ribbon cutting was held on Monday to officially open the business, although technically they have been open since July 11. They are now fully functional and ready for any and all patients. The office will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays.

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