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Banklick Watershed Council receives $325,000 from KY Division of Water to improve NKY creeks, streams

Northern Kentucky’s efforts to improve creeks and streams has received a new investment from the Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW).

The Banklick Watershed Council, a local nonprofit, will receive $325,000 over the next few years for projects to improve the water quality in Banklick Creek.

“We are working hard to bring conservation funding into our community. With this award, we’re now up to almost $2.3 million.” says Anna Kirschner, chair of the Banklick Watershed Council. “This funding will give us a huge boost in our ability to restore Banklick Creek, preserve greenspace, help residents fix failing septic systems, and address stormwater problems.”

Since 2002, the Banklick Watershed Council has worked to reduce the amount of pollution and erosion in the Banklick.

The Banklick Watershed Council has been extremely effective for a grassroots group.

“I call them the ‘Rock Stars’ of Kentucky watershed organizations. They really set the bar for their innovative approaches and ability to get projects done,” says Dr. Brian Storz, Licking River Basin Coordinator for the Kentucky Division of Water.

The Council will start work in the coming months to make septic repair grants available to residents, better manage stormwater so that it doesn’t cause erosion of the creek, educate homeowners on the impacts of lawn chemical runoff, identify critical greenspaces in need of protection, and pursue nature-based community improvements.

For more information on the Council, visit www.banklick.org.

Banklick Watershed Council

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