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The Point Apparel’s Roman Goode found the perfect job, using his creativity doing work he loves

By Andy Furman

He’s one of the lucky ones.

Roman Goode loves what he does – and he does it well – very well.

“He’s just a pleasure to have around,” says Connie Hutson, “and he’s a wonderful and talented worker.”

Huston is Manager of The Apparel Shop at The Point/Arc – one of four social enterprises owned and operated by the non-profit organization based in Covington.

Roman Goode, Point Apparel (Photo by Andy Furman, Point/Arc)

As for Goode, he works at The Apparel Shop as a Graphic Designer and Screen Printer. And he says he’s lucky. Lucky to find something he loves doing.

“I’ve always been artistic; and I love to draw,” the 32-year-old Louisville native said. “I’m happy to put my talents to work for a great cause.”

Goode said he was looking for a position that would not only highlight his creativity but be enjoyable in a pleasant working environment. He found his answers at The Point/Arc’s Apparel Shop.

“I looked on-line, and found this position through Indeed,” he said. “I met with Connie (Hutson) and like magic, here I am.”

And what Roman Goode does daily is burn screens, while making designs for shirts, T-shirts, and hoodies.

“I’ll take my design, line it up, add ink to the press and let it roll,” he said.

He does admit, however, that some orders are tougher than others. “The hardest I’ve had to date was making shirts for Bat-A-Ray in Ludlow. Lining up the company logo was a real challenge.”

But – no complaints, he said – another job well done.

“I’ve printed shirts with the Energizer Bunny design,” he said, “The best part of my work — drawing designs, and then seeing the final result.”

What Goode doesn’t like: “When there’s a misprint which results in re-order; and then we have to start all over.”

The Jeffersontown High School grad is prepping for the upcoming Holiday season with his wife in his own special way.

“With work,” he laughs, “Recently our orders have been quite heavy for the holidays.”

“What’s really hard is printing shirts with pockets. It’s a bit extra work because we have to move the design or logo on them.”

When he’s not printing or designing – it’s not work for Roman Goode it’s fun – he attends the Art Academy of Cincinnati two-nights-a-week for Graphic Design.

“I want to be the best I can possible be,” he said, “And perhaps one day have my own business.”

Roman Goode says he’s lucky to have found work he really loves – but it’s Connie Hutson who is the real lucky one.

She found him.

The Point Apparel Company is an embroidery and screening company with a mission.

“We’re dedicated to providing people with Intellectual/Development Disabilities (I/DD) opportunities to reach their highest potential and supplying a quality product at a competitive price,” Hutson said. “From concept through production, we deliver full-service solutions and a wide variety of custom apparel and promotional products for businesses, civic organizations, educational institutions and companies of all types.”

Since 1972, The Point/Arc has been filling in the service gaps educationally, residentially, socially, and vocationally.

The Point Apparel Company was established in 2012 and provides meaningful employment to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and equips them with valuable life skills.

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