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KY medical associations partner for new Voices for Vaccination campaign to encourage immunizations

As winter approaches and the holiday season is underway, the Kentucky Medical Association (KMA), the Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC) the Kentucky Hospital Association (KHA) and the Kentucky Nurses Association (KNA) on Monday announced the launch of Voices for Vaccination, a new public health campaign to encourage Kentuckians of all ages to stay up to date on their COVID-19, flu and other recommended immunizations.

“This week is National Influenza Vaccination Week, which means there is no better time to arm Kentuckians with the information they need to make informed decisions about their health,” said Michael Kuduk, M.D., President of the Kentucky Medical Association. “We vaccinate against serious diseases. Mild cases will make you feel bad, moderate or severe cases may send you to the hospital. Vaccines are an important way to keep you healthy.”

“Vaccines are safe, effective and important for all Kentuckians, especially children, pregnant women and our seniors. It is the single most-effective way to protect yourself and your families this holiday season,” said Shawn Jones, M.D., president of the Kentucky Foundation for Medical Care (KFMC).

With COVID-19 still circulating and flu and RSV cases on the rise, it’s important for everyone six months and older to receive their scheduled vaccinations to build immunity, stay healthy and reduce stress on the health care system. That’s why Voices for Vaccination will use a variety of communication channels, including print, radio, streaming services and social media to provide information about the benefits of vaccination and address vaccine hesitancy.

“Vaccinations are a critical tool to fight off preventable viruses and significantly lower the risk of serious illness that can lead to hospitalization,” said Nancy Galvagni, President and CEO of the Kentucky Hospital Association. “We’re excited to partner with our fellow care organizations so the voices of Kentucky’s physicians, hospitals and nurses can echo the same message encouraging all Kentuckians to get vaccinated and keep their community and loved ones safe.”

“Nurses are on the front lines providing care to patients every day, whether that’s helping to administer routine vaccinations or treating a patient for a vaccine-preventable illness,” said Delanor Manson, CEO of the Kentucky Nurses Association. “We are committed to working with our healthcare partners to debunk common misinformation around vaccines and ensure everyone knows vaccines are the best way to protect their health and those that they love.”

To learn more about the Voices for Vaccination campaign and find vaccination information, please visit www.voicesforvaccinationky.org.

Voices for Vaccination

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