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Newport Aquarium’s Scuba Santa surprises with bundle of bouncing baby dwarf seahorses

Scuba Santa made this holiday season extra special for Newport Aquarium with the surprise arrival of 140 dwarf seahorses, including 105 newborn fry.

Dwarf seahorses play in Candy Cane Forest. (Newport Aquarium photo)

The dwarf seahorse is one of the smallest species of seahorse, measuring about 1⁄4 inch at birth and only 2 inches when fully grown. Seahorses are unique in that the males become pregnant and give birth.

Scuba Santa and his elves also gave the tiny seahorses a candy cane forest to explore with their unique and muscular tails.

In the wild, seahorses often wrap their tails around sea grass stems, coral heads, sponges, or any other suitable objects when they need to anchor themselves. The candy canes are a festive enrichment allowing the seahorses to mimic that behavior.

According to International Union for Conservation of Nature, the dwarf seahorse population is declining due to habitat loss, pollution, residential and commercial development, and human activities.

Newport Aquarium hopes this gift from Scuba Santa helps raise awareness about conservation and the importance of keeping the world’s oceans healthy.

This is the 21st year for visitors to experience the Cincinnati holiday tradition of Scuba Santa’s Water Wonderland which runs through December 24.

Scuba Santa is included with admission but capacities are limited so advance ticket or Membership purchase is recommended. The aquarium is currently offering Memberships with a bonus of two extra months free. Visit NewportAquarium.com.

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