Mike Tussey: Making the choice — in one of the most important decisions of your life

Sometimes life becomes very complicated. You don’t see it coming; it swoops down on you when you least expect it.

Let’s take a look at your career. It’s a day where everything is just fine where you are employed. You love your job and everything about it.

Then one bright sunny day it takes you by surprise.

The “it” is a job offer from another company who showers you with what could be the opportunity of your career.

These offers can come in the form of a formal letter, an email or even just a phone call.

When it does arrive, your natural reaction is that you are very flattered and think –“why me?”

Your present position is very secure with a solid salary and benefits. You have no idea that a competing company is even aware of your status of success.

So, what do you do?

Usually, these type offers verbal or otherwise, come with an invitation of an interview if you respond favorably to the initial received contact.

First up, you notify your spouse, family member or best friend or confidant of the offer.

With that, the advice you seek will be loaded with many questions you likely don’t have the answers yet.

Obviously, there are many factors to consider before making any decision.

Let’s take a close look at 10 key factors that will play a vital part in your continued consideration:

·    Gather available information of your possible new employer

·    Discuss the opportunity thoroughly with your spouse or family

·    Do not accept just a verbal officer

·    Review your future work week schedule and hours in comparison with your present employer

·    Confirm all company benefits such as vacation time, sick days, holidays, and over time

·    Be very prepared for your formal interview

·    If moving out of town, determine if company assistance is available

·    Determine if company in service training is available

·    Is your position a lateral transfer or a supervisory level

·    Before a final decision, discuss it all once more with spouse or family
Whatever decision you make could have very positive results or on the contrary; things could be negative as well.

In short, investigate all you can and let reputation, success and status guide you.

As mentioned earlier, career opportunities can surface anytime – anywhere.

If you are in the market for a new position or surprisingly you are offered an unexpected opportunity, be sure you are given a “Job Description.”

After reviewing, you may be called in for an interview to discuss your duties and responsibilities.

Keep in mind, the comparison of your present position versus the new opportunity should be foremost in your thoughts. Only you can decide what you deem is best for you and your future. We can’t tell the future, so anything is possible. There could be another time within your career when you may have to make another “Choice.”

Sometimes you begin thinking of searching for another position within your job market. You have been thinking about it for quite awhile, but not sure you want to make the choice to move into unknown circumstances. However, there are indicators that stir your interest such as when you’re not excited to come to work.

Perhaps the stress level is high and affecting your personal life. You wonder why your ideas and contributions are not being noticed. Another factor is your concern of what you consider low wages which is making difficult for you to support your preferred cost of living.

When you discuss your thoughts with your family or close friends and they suggest that it may well be time to make the choice and begin your job search.

However, the ever present doubt is there and you can feel it. You begin wondering if it’s the right thing to do.

Be all this as it may, you often fantasize about the excitement of having a different job, meeting new friends, prestige and even an increase of income. Making very key decisions that have an impact on our lives and family can be very difficult to deal with for sure. Good reason for your concern. It’s like coming to an intersection in life and the choices are yours. Do you turn left or right? Do you just stay the course and just go straight ahead?

Whatever choice you make as mentioned earlier, give it great thought, research, and time. The unknown is very scary sometimes.

There is an old adage that echoes even today for many of us. Remember hearing this:
“The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” The real problem is, you’ll never find out unless you try.
Countering that thought are thoughts such as these:

·    There is no place like home
·    Home is where the heart is
·    Don’t burn the bridges behind you.

Whatever you choose to do, be prudent and wise and remember-choices have consequences. May your choices be the ones that set you on the road to success and contentment.

Mike Tussey has “retired” from a 60-plus-year career as a play-by-play announcer for over 2000 football, baseball, and basketball games, including most recently for ESPN+. His career also includes a stint in law enforcement, teaching and coaching, and writing books, including the “Touchdown Saints.” He grew up in Eastern Kentucky and now lives in Florence with his wife, Jo. He has opened another “Door of Opportunity” and is now a regular columnist for the NKyTribune.

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