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Teacher, graduate student Kandice Williams named Miss NKU ’24; will compete in Miss Kentucky pageant

Northern Kentucky University (NKU) has announced the crowning of Kandice Williams as Miss NKU 2024, marking a significant milestone in both her personal journey and the university’s tradition of excellence in the Miss America Opportunity (MAO).

The Miss America Opportunity provides a platform for young women to showcase their talents, intellect, and commitment to community service. As part of the rigorous competition, delegates like Williams undergo a series of challenges including a 10-minute private interview, an onstage question, segments highlighting fitness and talent, and presentations in evening wear.

Kandice Williams, Miss NKU ’24 (Photo provided)

Williams, a dynamic member of the NKU Cheerleading team, wowed the judges with her high-energy cheerleading routine, embodying the spirit of school pride and athleticism. Her dedication to representing NKU shines through not only in her talent but also in her active involvement in campus life.

In June, Kandice Williams will carry the banner of NKU to the Miss Kentucky competition, where she will compete alongside other talented individuals from across the state. Her participation in this prestigious event underscores her commitment to excellence and her desire to represent her university on a larger stage.

Beyond the spotlight, all MAO delegates champion a Community Service Initiative, advocating for causes that hold personal significance. Williams’s initiative, R.I.S.E. Up for After School: Advocating for the Affordability and Accessibility of Afterschool Programs, reflects her passion for education and her dedication to ensuring every child has access to quality afterschool care.

A distinguished alumna of NKU, Williams graduated in Spring 2023 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education. During her undergraduate years, Kandice was deeply involved in campus activities, serving as the president of Educators Rising Collegiate. Additionally, she dedicated two years to serving as a Resident Assistant on campus, fostering community and mentorship among her peers.

Within the College of Education, Kandice was actively engaged, serving on numerous boards and committees, furthering the mission of excellence in teaching and learning.

Currently, she is pursuing her Master of Arts in the Teacher as Leader Program with an endorsement in Gifted and Talented, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to professional growth and academic excellence.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Kandice Williams serves as a full-time 2nd-grade teacher at River Ridge Elementary, where she inspires young minds and fosters a love for learning in her students.

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