Kentucky Division of Waste Management offering counties tire recycling, removal grants

By Tom Latek
Kentucky Today

Kentucky counties can now apply for $4,000 in waste tire recycling and removal grants, which are made available through the Kentucky Division of Waste Management (DWM) Waste Tire Trust Fund.

Eligible expenses include the actual costs that the county incurs during the grant period for recycling or disposal of waste tires. Other expenses, such as labor and equipment costs, are not eligible.

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“We look forward to the opportunity to work with our local communities to continue efforts to properly dispose of and recycle waste tires,” said Darin Steen, manager of DWM’s Recycling and Local Assistance Branch. “We encourage all those interested to apply.”

The grant period is July 1, 2024, through June 30, 2025. Costs incurred by a county beginning July 1, 2024, for recycling or disposal of waste tires are eligible. Counties must submit receipts for those costs with their close-out report form by July 15, 2025.

Waste Tire Grant applications must be submitted no later than June 7th, 2024. These grants do not require a match. Any unused funds must be returned to the Cabinet by July 31, 2025.

The grant packets will be sent via email to county judge-executives and solid waste coordinators. They can also be found here.

For more information contact Jenny Carr at 502-782-4663, or email her at

DWM estimates that about four million scrap tires are generated annually in Kentucky, and the state’s waste tire statutes ensure responsible waste tire management. The law requires tire retailers, transporters, and accumulators to register with the state and post a bond. The law also establishes management standards for scrap tires to reduce the risk of fire and prevent water entrapment and mosquito infestations.

Under the law, retailers collect $2 for every new motor vehicle tire sold. Retailers must accept, if offered, a waste tire for each new tire sold to a customer. Retailers must post notice of this in their shops. Retailers should encourage consumers to leave their waste tires with the retailer for proper disposal.

The Kentucky Division of Waste Management is part of the state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet.

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